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trail running
1 day ago

real nice

1 day ago

Beautiful hike!

Difficult hike as it is mostly up the entire time but the views are amazing!

Sun parts are HOT! Start EARLY. Especially for dog's feet. Great hike beautiful.

After 7 weeks of trying, finally made the loop.

5 days ago

On a whim I decided to hike his trail at 2:30pm during a very warm day in mid June. There were tons of wild flowers and the trail was very well marked and well-maintained, despite a heavy snow/water year.

The incline for the first part of the train is decent but pretty well shaded. Once you come over the ridge and past the vista, it gets fairly exposed, with the exception of the creek crossings.

You catch some nice views of the Reno valley as well as Washoe valley and a nice glimpse of Slide Mtn. I was a bit disappointed that there was relatively little hiking along the creek, but it was nice to take a break in the shade and put my feet in the water.

It was a great trail. We were warned by some people walking out that they saw a bear. Just keep a look out. We did not see it.

Went up there the other day, the incline was dificult but it was worth it after we got to the top!

This is an amazing trail, had a lot of fun and great views