Beautiful and full of nature and wildlife! We had to get a later start than normal as they don't start letting you into the park until 9 am during winter hours and it was $6 to enter but well worth it. The pups had a great time! You can definitely make it much longer than the loop states because there are trails and pathways zigzagging throughout all the lakes and park areas. Fantastic walk! Lots to see. Definitely "easy"!

Very nice you do have to pay to get in

This is a park area not a hike... nice area to picnic.

It was the best. You should definitely try it. My favorite was feeding the bunnies and seeing the baby peacock. The gaggle of geese is a blast if you have food, agility and lots of energy. While we were there we saw bunnies, geese, ducks, peacocks, fish, dogs, pidgins and people.

Easy walk on paved walkways. There are a lot of birds which made it nice!

Very nice little walk, with peacocks, birds, and shaded ponds. Very enjoyable! Worth the $6 entry (per car).

Relaxing and peaceful. Definitely a hidden gem.

Nice place to walk and enjoy a local place that takes the "city" away from the day. Dog friendly and military enter for free with ID.

beautiful park lots of shade, birds, rabbits, squirrels and ponds

great place to spend time outdoors and enjoy some preserved nature!

Nice scenery, easy walk and fun for dogs and kids.

Nice area for trail runs, get to circle water with ducks or venture further away to get more miles.

Just finished this walk/hike...Took 9 kids...And they all had fun feeding the ducks and geese...Lots of poo on the trail...

A beautiful park with a lot of historic information. The ponds are lovely and will be a great place to picnic and relax. They are not currently allowing people to fish although we did see fish swimming in the ponds. It is an easy walk, lots of geese and peacocks.

It's good for a nice easy walk. Paved. Lots of wildlife (lots of poo). Nice picnic areas and several little lakes to fish in. $6 to get into the park all day.

5 years ago

We love to run here a couple times a week. Beautiful park, lots of different types of birds! $45 for a season pass. Only down side is there is lots of bird poop to watch for when you run. They do hose down the paths often though.