About as easy as you can ask for. A nice workout if you push it.

Not a bad hike. Just to much like a park, even on the nature trail. Would probably do it again but not a must.

Nice nature trail, bike route and fishing spot.

We took our toddler on this little hike, and he loved it, especially crossing the bridges. Part of the trail was kind of swamp like this afternoon, but it was easy enough to get around. Part of the trail is in the brush by the river, and part of it is in a weedy field. We ended up doubling back to walk along the river again and to keep the wind out of our faces.

Very pleasant early morning walk next to the river. Will come back in a few weeks when the vegetation is more lush and greener.

Enjoyed the walk.

It's a nice trail. You can walk on the paved walkway or venture onto the dirt trails that lead you along the water.