Great place for an easy hike. Trails are marked well and well kept. It’s a wetland so terrain is flat.

Pretty walking trail if you’re craving nature but not in for a true hike

I do love this trail. Walking amongst the reeds and viewing the wildlife that wonder through is always a nice change of scenery. It isn’t a tough trail what so ever but my dogs love watching for birds and rabbits along the trail and hearing the occasional coyote howl in the distance. The amount of homeless people in the park really does need to be dealt with though.

Not an area I'd recommend to tourists, but if you're in the neighborhood and want to meander about its fine

i was expecting something nicer :(

So much beautiful wildlife! A hidden gem. Truly a desert oasis. No elevation gains. Totally flat. Lots of criss-crossing trails and paths so u can make this hike as long or short as you want. Like an idiot I was hiking this in 120 degree heat in July. Absolutely bring water. There's so much to explore!

Very easy. Beautiful river flowing through it with a great view of the LV strip. Lots of small wildlife. A great desert oasis

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