Great trail for mountain biking and getting lost in the desert. Take plenty of water and snacks. Trust me you could easily get lost. But thankfully I did, saw some beautiful scenery with a great view of the strip.

Great hike, the path itself is paved and only 1.6 miles. Very easy. Just make sure you take lots of water it's hot out there.

1 month ago

loved it!!! highly recommend

1 month ago

loved it!!!

It ‘‘twas a great enjoyment

My family and I didn’t really dig this area. It was ‘meh’ for sure. There are more beautiful places to just take a walk around our city.

Amazing walk!!! The paved trails where very easy to walk!!! Loved it!!! I look forward to going back. There is so many trails! Paved and dirt trails.

A very nice walk

Easy trail...didn't see any wildlife but some birds. The area seems full of dead plants and trees. Sad to see people don't know how to clean up after themselves or their dogs.

Very easy trail with great interactions with some wildlife. It’s a very cool place for being in the middle of the desert valley!

I love this place. Nice and peaceful vibe. It does need more green, imo. But, overall really nice.

Nice easy walk. Construction going on which takes away from some of the enjoyment.

Easy hiking. Great for all ages with a variety of wildlife to see.

Disgusting. Trash on the trails and around the picnic area. Also, everything is dead.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Some uphill but good time

4 months ago

Great place!
We saw cranes, ducks and lots of birds!

I love this park. It’s very clean and easy to get around. It’s a great place to spend a day just wondering around and watching all the critters. No dogs allowed and no feeding the wildlife.

Beautiful trail and easy walk. Most of Park is “no dogs”. We brought our pup and found a trail we could take him on.

Great place for an easy hike. Trails are marked well and well kept. It’s a wetland so terrain is flat.

Pretty walking trail if you’re craving nature but not in for a true hike

I do love this trail. Walking amongst the reeds and viewing the wildlife that wonder through is always a nice change of scenery. It isn’t a tough trail what so ever but my dogs love watching for birds and rabbits along the trail and hearing the occasional coyote howl in the distance. The amount of homeless people in the park really does need to be dealt with though.

After the fire that happened here one of my managers from work had 6 coyotes block him, his wife and two pit bulls on the trail.... they were able to get away unharmed. A few weeks later the police found a lady hanging from a tree over there too.

Not an area I'd recommend to tourists, but if you're in the neighborhood and want to meander about its fine

i was expecting something nicer :(

So much beautiful wildlife! A hidden gem. Truly a desert oasis. No elevation gains. Totally flat. Lots of criss-crossing trails and paths so u can make this hike as long or short as you want. Like an idiot I was hiking this in 120 degree heat in July. Absolutely bring water. There's so much to explore!

Very easy. Beautiful river flowing through it with a great view of the LV strip. Lots of small wildlife. A great desert oasis

Fun trail. Easy. Did some water scrambling. Slippery so wear shoes with good traction if you will be going in the water.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Fun going a little off the regular trail. If you don't mind getting a little wet. And the shade and breeze under the Las Vegas Creek Bridge is perfect. Great place to relax.

Monday, June 05, 2017

This park is great; there are many different trails, both paved and dirt. It's great for families or someone who wants to enjoy beautiful scenery. Also, there's lots of birds and rabbits often hop alongside the trails. There is a few ponds which means bugs, so be prepared!

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