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Encompassing six major mountain ranges and seven distinct life zones, Desert NWR showcases the abundance and variety of nature that can be found in Southern Nevada, all just a short drive from Las Vegas. Created in 1936 to provide habitat and protection for desert bighorn sheep, Desert NWR is the largest wildlife refuge outside of Alaska. At 1.6 million acres (643,000 hectares), the refuge can cover Rhode Island twice - and still have enough room left over for a quarter of a million football fields. Teeming with diversity over a vast landscape, Desert NWR boasts over 500 plant species as it transitions from the Mojave to the Great Basin Desert. While Desert NWR has been home to people for thousands of years, from Nuwuvi (Southern Paiute) to ranch homesteaders, the refuge still remains largely unchanged by human hands. Over 1.3 million acres (536,000 hectares) of the refuge is proposed wilderness, and has been managed as de facto wilderness since 1974. See collared lizards sunning on rocks, hunt for tracks of elusive mountain lions, or grab your binoculars for a better look at our 320 bird species. A unique and solitary experience awaits you at Desert NWR.

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1 month ago

Fun drive. Stopped for lunch at camp site. Good amount of snow. Made for a fun driving experience.

Beautiful! Make sure you leave to make the hike about 5am, and on a weekday to avoid hikers at the cabin if you want to sleep in the cabin. Water is fresh from the spring, carve your name in the cabin if you so desire. The cabin is stocked for others to enjoy, but only use what you need and leave what you like for the next upcoming traveler. Motto ' Pass it forward'. Cougar sightings, so please be careful. Have a weapon and best to be with a group. Enjoy!!

4 months ago

5 months ago

Hiked it at the end of september. Cabin was well stocked with necessities. Spring was trickling with water which we filtered and used for cooking. Plenty of places to pitch tents or hang hammocks around the cabin. Beautiful ponderosa pines everywhere around the cabin area. A great hike that starts in the desert and ends in a pine forest. No fires allowed when we went but there is a wood burning stove in the cabin. At least half of the hike is in a wash so the climb is a bit strenuous especially if you are carrying a lot of weight. I would not rely on the water in summer months although it was flowing at about .5L/min while we were there.

8 months ago

Great hike and escape from the bustling life of Las Vegas.

9 months ago

Wonderful. Pack light, unless you will stay for a few days. You will not reach the cabin until 4-5 hours of hiking. Worth it though! Fresh water from the mountain trickles down through a pipe made just for all.

1 year ago

Difficult hike for beginners, especially when carrying too much gear.. Camped near cabin which seemed like we would never reach.. Overall, great experiance but it'll probably be a long time before I do that again..

Only 30 miles outside Vegas, only water around for miles. Water brings many animals to this location.

Longer than most maps project. Our GPS logged 7.1mi each way from trailhead to cabin. Water was running and cabin was in good shape.

1 year ago

The trail is moderate due to the course gravel and rocks that line most of this trail. We spent the night near the cabin and spring.

2 years ago

The starting point on the map is in a wrong place...
The rough road finish on the top of the wash, just when start the canyon.
A wonderful trail beginning in a desertic canyon, then slowly, the forest appear, more and more thick, till the cabin.
Nice place for backpacking with just the sky, the forest and the mountains around...

No water at all all along the trail except some rescue reserves hidden in some trees and some drops after rain on the cabin fountain. Also, no found water by following the black hose on the left side of the canyon till the ridge...

A beautiful trail to do with a lot of water in hot period !

2 years ago

From the Hidden forest cabin, there is 2 ways to join the hayford peak :
1- Turn left just at the cabin and find your own way to te ridge, then, turn right and follow this long ridge to the Hayford peak (My favorite way because you'll have the view .on the both side of the canyons..). When at the top of the ridge, take a moment to find a way to go down from the peak because there is hard cliffs on the far side...
2- Continue at the bottom of the canyon and find your way to the ridge on your left...(Nice way for descending !)

At the top of the Hayford ridge, there is a wonderful 360° overlook, from Utah on the north, to the Mount Charleston and Mumies peak area on the south..

No difficulties but a long long trail from the car parking to the cabin, then to the Hayford peak... Beautiful canyon and absolutely anybody in this vast area.

This hike is great because you'll start from the desert till a beautiful Ponderosa pine forest..

From the visitor center, there is a 1h30 min travel by car at last, on a rough road to the car parking.
No water at all all along the trail, except some rescue tanks hided in the pines, or some drops at the fountain near the cabin.

Taking care of weather forecast because of possible sudden flash floods in case of rain storm in some narrow parts of the canyon.
Lot of wildlife in this canyon all along the trail : lezards, dears, birds, jackrabbits...