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First time hiking here. Does need to be marked a little better. Third time hiking overall. I got lost.

The hike was actually 10.36 miles but it was great. Scenic. Not well marked.

Hiked to Upper Price Lake.
i was planning to camp there but wasnt able to make it before nightfall and had to stop and make camp less than a mile away in a clearing.

The lake was pretty, the camp site is kinda small but could probably fit 6 - 8 tents and the water is colder then a witch's titty. That's however cold you think it is, minus a few degrees.

If you're going to do this hike, i recommend camping overnight, the site was beautiful and isolated, perfect for hanging out with friends and loved ones.

But if youre only going to hike it, there are plenty of pretty views but not enough for the difficulty, you'll probably be underwhelmed.

Going there took me about 4 hours with a heavy pack. Getting down was a lot easier and only took me about 2 hours. Im probably an average or below average hiker.

Yall should also know, THE FIRST MILE is a B#*^H and probably the most difficult. After that there are short but difficult parts in the middle and end but nothing major, so dont get discouraged by that.

And right before you get to the lake youll need to go through a river that is about a foot and a half deep (at the deepest) to 3 inches (in the more shallow areas). For this i had to take off my shoes and cross barefoot.

Good luck yall!

Great Hike! Mostly up all the way but what great scenery along the way. I thought the hike well worth the burn.

Had an unsupervised night so the Mrs and I decided to shake out our packs before our TRT trip next week. We have started this trail at Davis creek many times, but never gone more than a mile or so. We were expecting more people on a friday night, but were pretty much alone the whole time. Two creek crossings a mile and a half in were fun, but around mile 3 there is a rock chute uphill that was quite the chess game wearing a 40# pack. Just past the intersection for Tahoe meadows we continued forward to a creek crossing which was longer and colder than expected, probably 30yds or so. The payoff was worth it, a nice little lake to ourself. Just off trail before the lake was a perfect campsite. cooked dinner near the firepit. Fishing was crap, but probably because I forgot bait! Lots of birds, one 3 point buck and a bullfrog were highlights.3:36 up, 2:30 down. Recommend flip flops and trekking poles for rocks and creeks

Nice little hike with amazing view of Washoe Lake. We saw wild horse as well.

We only made it partway up. The trail degrades into a washout for some time after the creek crossings. While some of the washout travel was dry, other times there is a small but slippery stream running down it. All in all it wasn't the greatest trail I've been on.

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