Trails abound for exploring the cave-like formations and cathedral-like spires. Miller Point, a scenic overlook just north of the park entrance on U.S. 93, offers excellent views of the scenic canyon. Shaded picnic areas and a tree-shaded campground area are open all year. Hiking, picnicking, camping, nature study, photography and ranger programs are the most common activities at the park. A Regional Visitor Center is located at the entrance to Cathedral Gorge, offering interpretive displays and information about all of eastern Nevada and seven state parks. The park and visitor center is located just west of U.S. 93, two miles north of Panaca. The area is typically arid with hot summers and cold winters. Summer temperatures range from 95F at mid-day to 55F at night. Rainfall is variable and thunderstorms are common.

This is a really fun and easy trail that kids will LOVE. If you start at the northern picnic area you get to descend the steel staircase into the canyon and then meander through the alien landscape. Chances are in this remote location you will have the area mostly to yourself. Once you get to the southern end of the trail, you can explore the small slot canyons and feel like you are on a Star Wars planet! Highly recommended.

I really liked this trail. Cathedral Gorge is a really unique place and this loop trail is the best way to see it. Took me a little bit less than 2 hours to hike it and I stopped frequently to take photos. It’s a very easy hike and the views are worth it. Wear sunblock if it’s warm out because there is no shade whatsoever on this trail. Also, most of the hike is in the washes that run through the gorge so wear shoes you won’t mind getting really muddy. The scenery is not on a huge scale, but it’s kind of refreshing to be able to do something on a smaller scale.

Loved it! Beautiful and fun hike! I’ll visit again soon.

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7 months ago

Definitely an undiscovered gem! Saw 4 other people hiking. Explored epic slot canyons at Moon Caves, Canyon Caves, and Cathedral Caves.

the landscape is pretty cool. it's not on the grandest scale but a nice chill Hangout area for camping. it's actually pretty awesome Camp spot

Friday, October 27, 2017

Stopped here to spend the evening. We started the hike in late afternoon. Very easy and quite unique terrain. Very easy walk, benches in good spots. A must see park. Seen this on All Trails web site. Really nice.

Friday, September 08, 2017

The Cathedral Gorge Trail on AllTrails is actually a combination of two trails in the park. The Miller Point Trail is a one mile out and back trail that climbs up to Miller Point. A covered seating area is located at the top as is a parking area with direct access from Hwy 93. The second trail, Juniper Draw Loop, branches off to the left of the Miller Point Trail making it easy to begin the loop after completing the Miller Point Trail. The Juniper Draw Loop Trail is a three mile loop. The two trails together are about 4 miles of easy hiking.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Me and my sister went we took my puppy.! It was really nice up there we loved it.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Awesome Hike! Easy and good for the whole family!

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on Cathedral Gorge Trail

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