Great hike! Spectacular view! Don't plan on doing it again!! Hiked with my daughter on Tuesday 8/29/2017. Used the Queen mine trailhead, rather than Trail Canyon after reading different reviews. Stoped at the forest service headquarters in Bishop for an update on the Queen mine road, but they were of no help. The turn off for Queen mine is 9 miles out of Benton with a old water tank that has JR written on it on the opposite side of the road. Queen mine is 6.2 from the turn off. The last 4 miles are rutted and rough, but my 4Runner had no problem. Didn't try to make the next 1.25 mile to Kennedy saddle, because I was uncertain about road conditions. When we hiked to the saddle, a guy in a Subaru was parked there. Certainly, can make this section in 4WD, but is more difficult on a steep hillside and might depend on drivers ability and comfort. Really like mountain forecast website who predicted rain that morning. Fortunately, forecast was wrong and had a perfect day with some cloud cover, intermittent sunshine and no rain. Trail description accurately described on multiple blogs. There's a trail head register just above Kennedy saddle put in by This is a relative lightly trafficked trail, although I was surprised there were about 200 entries in the register since July 1. The one guy we saw at Kennedy saddle wasn't climbing and saw no one else all day. Different opinions on how difficult it is.The last 2 miles are steep gaining about 2300 feet on sections of loose scree with some class 2 scrambling. I would definitely take poles. No water, so take enough! In my opinion, last 2 miles is more strenuous/harder than Mount Borah(except chicken out ridge), Elbert,Whitney or Kings Peak(recognizing latter 2 being more tiring, because they're a lot longer hikes). But I'm 65, although I think in pretty good shape. Spectacular view from the top!! Have pretty good cell service from Trail Canyon saddle to the summit. From Queens mine to the summit is about 5 miles and 4150 feet elevation. We made the summit in four hours and down in 3 1/2. Good luck and have fun! Keep climbing!