Created in 2015 the Basin and Range area of southeastern Nevada is an iconic American landscape. The area is one of the most undisturbed corners of the broader Great Basin region, which extends from the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the west to the Colorado Plateau in the east. The Basin and Range National Monument comprises 704,000 acres of public lands managed by the BLM in Lincoln and Nye counties in Nevada, about two hours north of Las Vegas. The monument includes Garden Valley and Coal Valley; the Worthington Mountains, Golden Gate Range, Seaman Mountains, and Mount Irish Range; the Hiko Narrows and White River Narrows; and the Shooting Gallery rock art site. It is the first national monument managed by the BLM in Nevada. The Monument preserves the legacies of 13,000 years of culture. The White River Narrows Archaeological District represents one of the largest concentrations of prehistoric rock art in eastern Nevada and includes panels dating back 4,000 years and contains the northernmost known examples of the Pahranagat style of rock art. The Basin and Range area was mostly unknown to European-Americans until the 1820s. Mormon settlers came to the area in the mid-19th century. Mining began in the area in the 1860s and head frames, mining cabins, and other structures associated with the region's mining history can be found in the Mount Irish area. During the late 19th century, Basque and other ranchers brought sheep and cattle ranching into Garden Valley, and ranching remains to this day.

5 months ago

A remote and difficult hike but one that is classic Nevada. You will see from the trailhead why it is called Basin and Range. You need to be self sufficient. We were there in June 2017, the last people to visit were in April. The hike is strenuous; difficult enough that fixed ropes are in place in some areas. A good map and/or guide book is needed to find the cave, It is on the other side of the mountain and somewhat elusive. A rappel or short belay is needed to get into the cave. The entrance and rooms are well worth the effort. Not for the claustrophobic, there are a couple of tight squeezes, especially into the wet room where most of the features are located.