Love this park! ❤

This trail is a series of inter-looping multi-use trails. There are hiking, biking and horseback trails. Inside the park they zig-zag around. I have been in summer, winter, and fall and the trails are usable. Traffic varies.

2 months ago

7 months ago

Best trail system in and near Lincoln. Peaceful, yet buggy and flat. Typical for the part of the state. The trail is well maintained and easy to follow, and I had it mostly to myself. There needs to be a pedestrian bridge on old Cheney, as myself and a family of bikers had to sprint across when there was a break in traffic.

Did some hiking in this park today. Was a very pleasant hike. I saw what I believe was an immature bald eagle. The wingspan was incredible. There are many trails in this park and I wish I could find a map of the trails. There are also biking trails here. It is a nice park.