*Reviewed in Summer*
Easy trail run but needs some upkeep. Lots of nice picture spots but again, this trail needs some work. It has heavy foliage for those who don't like the sun when running. Very little traffic and majority have been runners.

Excellent place, beautiful and nice to go walk, hiking or trail running

Easy hike, great for a family outing. Pack a picnic lunch and explore the rest of the park and aquarium as well.

Nice & short. Somewhat of a rough trail for a 2 yr old, although she was able to manage the shorter of the 2 trails. Peaceful as you get up high, especially on the flatter parts of the trail. Keep an eye out for a Christmas tree.

Love, love, love taking my kids to Schramm! The trails are very well-kept and very easy to hike. Lots to explore and learn about!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

Thursday, September 01, 2016

This was a wonderful little trail. I did backwoods trail number 2, which was the longer of the two.

At times the trail wasn't marked the best, but it wasn't too hard to find the correct route. Trail number 1 was moderately trafficked, but number 2 only had a couple of runners, who helped with navigation.

Parking passes for the trail can be purchased at the little aquarium. This lets you park right next to the trailhead. I believe it was only about $5.

Trail number two wove through beautiful trees, past a cool meditation building, over a suspension bridge, past a little archery place, past a waterfowl display where you could feed ducks, and past a little fishing 'museum'.

It was beautiful. I went in September in the afternoon and the sun lit up a couple of pristine spider webs which was awesome. I saw a deer on my way in but not on the hike.

The only thing I wished I had brought was a better bug spray. The one I had did not have deet and I found myself power hiking to keep ahead of the mosquitos.