This trail is pretty in every season! The lake views are great year round, but especially at sunset time! There are various kinds of trees along the trail, and it keeps it cooler (in many areas) even on hot days. The skies are big and easy to see, which makes it great for around sunset time and for star gazing. My husband and I like that the trail is wide enough for us to walk side by side and still pass other people coming in the opposite direction.

I think it's fun to walk on the lake or go ice skating, when it freezes over in the Winter! It's also lovely for kayaking or canoeing during the other 3 seasons. There are benches along the trail to rest, and bridges to cross with lovely views. There is a giant mount/levee for part of the trail and it provides wonderful sunset views, as well as sledding off of it in the Winter, and kite flying on windy days. There are lots of ducks and birds, and occasionally (but rarely), other animals to see as well. The trail is comfortable for walking for all ages too! I highly recommend it!