Really liked this. Even though I don't like walking on asphalt or paved paths due to feet issues, I still give it 5 stars. Scenery constantly changing between water to natural habitat to beautiful large homes back to water and then on and on. It's a winding path with majority of path blocked from traffic sounds. Only the loopdy-loop is noisy. Bicyclists, dog walkers, speed walkers, and other walkers/runners are frequenting it as well but all were friendly. Bicyclists would announce themselves when approaching from behind. I would definitely of this again if I was in town longer or coming back to visit family again. There are lots km & mile markers along the path and stations to grab a plastic bag to pick up your dogs mess.

Good for a nice stroll. Relaxing to be by the lake.

Nice trail to walk, has something to see all along the trail.

trail running
3 months ago

This is my fave paved lake path to run! It's a 4.4 mile loop if you stay next to the lake. There is an option to make it longer by 156th, but you'll have a huge incline if you do this. The lake loop doesn't have much incline and is easy for an average/above average runner. Check it out!

trail running
4 months ago

trail running
5 months ago

I love it is so good for walking or running!!

Great place to walk

Really a beautiful man made lake with paved walking/ biking paths. Not as many trees as we'd've liked but still a nice mild walk.

6 months ago

road biking
9 months ago

I biked figure 8 around both east and west portions of the lake. The trail, as well as the lake were amazingly beautiful!!! Trails were well marked and easy to follow, just make sure you do not take lefts at any forks, which will lead you to nearby neighborhoods. I came across 7 deer grazing by the west lake trail and there were a swan and ducks at a small lagoon of the east lake. On Wednesday morning the trail had barely any traffic. The secret to enjoying this trail is to avoid it during the Zorinsky stampede in the evenings and weekends.