trail running
27 days ago

This trail is a very well maintained and clean paved trail that is very good for running, biking, and easy relaxing walks.

Really liked this. Even though I don't like walking on asphalt or paved paths due to feet issues, I still give it 5 stars. Scenery constantly changing between water to natural habitat to beautiful large homes back to water and then on and on. It's a winding path with majority of path blocked from traffic sounds. Only the loopdy-loop is noisy. Bicyclists, dog walkers, speed walkers, and other walkers/runners are frequenting it as well but all were friendly. Bicyclists would announce themselves when approaching from behind. I would definitely of this again if I was in town longer or coming back to visit family again. There are lots km & mile markers along the path and stations to grab a plastic bag to pick up your dogs mess.

Good for a nice stroll. Relaxing to be by the lake.

Nice trail to walk, has something to see all along the trail.

trail running
4 months ago

This is my fave paved lake path to run! It's a 4.4 mile loop if you stay next to the lake. There is an option to make it longer by 156th, but you'll have a huge incline if you do this. The lake loop doesn't have much incline and is easy for an average/above average runner. Check it out!

trail running
5 months ago