Easy up for a rewarding lake!

6 months ago

Very remote, short and steep. Just when you think you're lost, go another 20 min and you'll almost be to the trail head. The lake is beautiful and the fishing was fantastic. The Rainbow Trout were aggressive and made up for my poor fly technique.

Made for an awesome hike. Loved the view.

Family friendly trail with benches, bridges, and leisure hiking, beautifully maintained.
Campsites, parking and road to lake.

Best used between June - September
Restricted access due to longer snow season due to elevation and depending on weather patterns.

walk the ridge for even more beautiful views


Beautiful 7-15 mile hike depending on the variations of the trail you take. Definitely a moderate class hike. Plan to take ALL day. Had an unexpected turn when we were on the last three miles of our day. Trail was completely Impassable due to a washout and had to backtrack and take alternate route back to car. This turned a 12 mile hike into a 21 mile hike. Advise checking with NFS station in Eureka to verify trail condition before leaving.

Campgrounds and fishing on nearby lakes. Definitely are in "Big Sky Country" up there!

4 months ago

Sunday, August 28, 2016