This National Historic Landmark on the rolling prairie of eastern Montana preserves the site of the June 17, 1876, battle between Lakota (Sioux) and Cheyenne warriors and General George Crook's soldiers supported by Crow and Shoshone Indians. The Army was there to enforce the U.S. government's recent reservation proclamation. The Lakota and Cheyenne were defending their families and way of life. Both sides fought bravely. The battle was a draw, with each side claiming victory. Eight days later, many of the same Lakota and Cheyenne met Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, about 25 miles to the northwest. The Cheyenne call this spot Kase'eetsevo' estaneveosehaesta'tanemo - Where the Girl Saved Her Brother. Of the many heroic acts that occurred during the battle, the story of Buffalo Calf Trail Woman saving her older brother, Chief Comes in Sight, has been passed down through the generations. Remote, quiet, and undeveloped, the 3,000-acre park includes prehistoric sites and the homestead ranch of the Kobold family. Take a picnic, your camera, and plenty of time to appreciate a slice of time and place. Hear the Lakota perspective on the battle with Aaron Ten Bears or take a virtual tour with this history buff.