Like other reviewer posted, it’s a dirt road, not so much a trail. Great for birdwatching!

Visited today. What an amazing place. Highway 93 runs along the east side. However, there are several access point on 93 where you can walk-in and access The Refuge. However, the real gem lies in the roads that surround the Refuge. There are so many access points that we ran out of time. We saw so many different species of Wildlife that I can't list them all. But notably, nesting bald eagles and ospreys, trumpeter swans, several different song birds. And many many deer. It was a great day. I would rate this highly as a place for birding, not as much for hiking, but you can certainly find places to enter at The Refuge and explore.

This is not a trail, it is a dirt road that is currently blocked by a gate. Sign states no public access.