Photos of Lolo National Forest Nature Trips Trails

cross country skiing
3 days ago

Confusion reigns about the dogs because the title is for the Seeley Creek Nordic Ski trails EAST of Seeley Lake and the map location is for the incorrectly titled, ungroomed trails, on the WEST side of Seeley Lake
Yes indeed, dogs, snowshoes, skiis, boots, and yes even snowmobiles are allowed on the trail network on the WEST side of Seeley Lake. The segment marked on the map which appears to be from the Lodges On The Lake to the Boy Scout Bridge via a piece of the Lars Kramen Loop. In addition to the segment marked on the map, there are about another five miles of trails on the WEST side of Seeley lake where users of all sorts are welcomed year round. The trails are ungroomed except for the Archibald Snowmobile Trail. The west side trails are limited to non-motorized use during the snow-free season. Mike's information is correct for the outstanding Seeley Creek trails on the EAST side of Seeley Lake.