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Pretty walk with the dogs. Close to town!

Great short hike. Took my 10 yr old on his first backpack trip and we had a blast. Mid July was pretty buggy but the wind helped keep the bugs down some. Pretty busy trail. Worth the short hike up to Upper Blossom and Pear lake.

Hiked into this lake today, 7/19. Beautiful,’pristine lake. Bugs not too bad

Well, that was pretty neat

3 days ago

Good hike with some neat waterfalls along the way. Pretty steep in some parts but overall not terrible. The upper lake (hub) is definitely worth the extra half mile up. Clear water lakes perfect for a quick dip. Over all enjoyable as a nice day hike.

4 days ago

The trail (going counter-clockwise) was very quiet and peaceful. Even though it was 90 degrees when we started out, it was comfortable in the shade. There are basically no trail markings so it is easy to stray. Although there were a few miles of trail through a pretty but not particularly interesting forest, much of the trail is scenic and varied. A vigorous hike but I would have rated it as moderate. Only the length might have someone thinking it is hard. The climb covers about four and a half miles but is very steady - maybe a 7 degree slope - and on even track.

As of 7/15/18, this is a beautiful area but nothing breathtaking like the river canyons of Hamilton. It easy to see the area has been burned quite a while ago and some areas struggle to recover. You’re going to have to get your feet wet right away or hike an alternate trail on the West of Welcome Creek to find a log to cross on. Then the trail turns brushy for quite a majority of what’s shown on this track file. You stay on the East side of the river until you get to a log bridge with handle and the site of an old log cabin that’s gone. I had trouble finding the trail after the cabin site but it switches to the West side of the river and goes a bit higher above the river and is sometimes carved into the shale rock side. It’s actually less brushy here but I got tired of the trail and turned around.

5 days ago

Snow has mostly melted off on the trail to Pear Lake. Just patches of it on the trail. The lake is beautiful and we could see fish swimming in it.

5 days ago

Scenic trail that wasn't hard even with an overnight pack. I shared the trail with elderly and children.

The skeeters at Hub Lake are thick and hungry; otherwise a great adventure.

A beautiful & scenic hike to Heart Lake! This makes a great day hike to Heart, or a fun backpacking weekend...several places to camp around Heart Lake, then day hike to Pearl & Dalton Lakes, or do an all-day hike on the ridge overlooking the lakes. Lots of mountain goats, wildflowers, & fishing!

Nice hike with the kids and dogs. The road in will make your butt pucker if your afraid of heights. Narrow with drop offs. Go slow.

8 days ago

It pains me to only give 3 stars, but here's why: The hike itself would rate 4 stars, with one caveat - instead of descending to Boulder Lake (which truly has massive swarms of mosquitoes), simply take the side trail to Boulder Point, which not only has a great view of the lake below, but also of the surrounding area. Unfortunately, the 18 miles that you have to drive on various dirt roads once you turn off from Rte 200 is a killer if you don't have a vehicle with high clearance, as well as nerves of iron, if not steel. I was driving a regular sedan - big mistake! The first 5-6 miles was OK, except for having to watch out for periodic potholes. After that, not only did the way get narrower and narrower (with long stretches where, if you happen to meet someone coming the other way (which I did), it's quite problematic how to get to a point where one vehicle can actually squeeze by the other without going off a cliff), but it also got quite rough, particularly the last 5 miles or so. I don't have much hair anyway, but what little I had was standing on end. In addition, the end point given in the "directions" tab is quite a ways short of the actual trail head. (Correct coordinates are 47.02817 -113.79993.) It took me well over 1.5 hours to cover the dirt road portion. And, of course, once you done the hike, you have to drive back!

11 days ago

Nice maintained trail. Too much snow to make it to pear lake but I will be back.

Mostly gentle sloping trail that climbs through lush forest, with a few small creek crossings, and passing by a cascading falls. Steep parts of the trail were very short. We found a secluded, shaded spot to camp for the night, and saw a mountain goat in the morning! Will have to come back and hike to Pearl Lake next time.

Beautiful day, waterfalls, lakes, good incline, shade and sun, couldnt have had a better hike today! Wandering around the lakes was worth adding the extra mileage! Mosquitos were terrible at Hub but great campsites! This is now one of my favs!!

13 days ago

beautiful hike, backed on July 7-8. beautiful lake. a little windy but it was great. also, bring your fishing poles ;)

13 days ago

The road in is rough and slow, but a great hike. Bring bug spray if you plan on hiking down into the lake!!

Easy hike for kids, pretty scenery. A LOT of mosquitoes right now

14 days ago

Beautiful overnight trip with my granddaughter to Revett Lake. The creek crossings were all easy. The waterfalls and trail were exciting for a child age eight (and a child age 67)! I was saddened by trash left from previous campers....

Lake Revett is a tresasure!

The trail to the lower lake is clear of debris and snow. Blow downs block the hike to the upper lake. Total distance to the lower lake and back is 6.75 miles and 1,077 elevation gain. The lake is beautiful.

we ran this trail. there's a few steeper hills and had to watch where you landed. it was a beautiful run even with the char from the fire. loved the falls it was a great halfway break.

okay hike to some nice Lakes but almost completely fire burned with dead or dying or Fallen trees.

16 days ago

Awesome over night hike. We stayed on the lower lake where there are a few great campsites. The hike to the lower lake was 3 miles.

Road in is pretty good (adventure Prius did fine) and the lake is beautiful.

20 days ago

Great hike, family friendly!

mill creek road is gated and padlocked. cool. didn’t get to try the hike.

just did this hike today 6/18/18 I've gone here for several years in a row. Five stars cause it really is a perfect moderate hike to nice falls. However it is not as pretty since the fire, but oh well, still a great hike!

24 days ago

Hiked in 26 June 2018... left the TH at 645pm, back to the car at 910pm with 4 kids 8-16.... Strava GPS tracker has us at 6 miles rndtrip to the lower lake outflow log jam. It is a beautiful hike, leg burner for sure if pushing. Can’t wait to go back with more daylight and explore and photograph the outflow waterfalls!

Nice short walk but the mosquitoes were terrible, had to run the last half of the trail to escape them

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