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2 days ago

Beautiful trail! Lovely mature forest at the bottom. Toward the top there was still snow on the ground. But nothing I couldn't do in tennis shoes. Check out some of the waterfalls to the left of the trail as you near the top. They're not too far off the trail and fun to explore. The lake was nearly all melted and was beautiful, though very cold. If you want some fun, take a ride on the log raft that is up there, sitting on the edge of the lake. If you have the time and feel comfortable scrambling, make your way up the steep hillside on the right and check out the rocky pinnacle. Steep, and the rocks slide a lot, but the top is well worth it for the view and solitude.

Didn't have enough time for a real long hike, so I decided to check this one out with my dog, Todd. I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem of a hike. There are signpost spread throughout that correspond to a little brochure you pick up at the start of the trail. I now know how to identify Douglas Fir pines, Lodgepole Pines, Ponderosa and Larch pines. I learned about the Batholith boulders and got to take some sweet pics of the valley below. The beginning is a little tough as it is a gradual climb for the first 3/4 mile or so. But it's a beautiful hike with a lot to learn.

10 days ago

Fantastic day hike and exceptional terrain access for such an easy hike. Lower Blossom lake is 3.1 mi in, Upper is another mile above that. Didnt have enough time to scramble to Pear as there was still +4ft of snow at lower Blossom and just increased from there. Even had a nice snow storm while up there. This area never disappoints and highly recommend this hike for beginner to experienced hikers! The mileage on the signs is a little off but worth it!

Nice weekend trail! As of 6/10/17 there is still quite a bit of snow around the lake and on the trail.. We did make it to the lake but it started snowing after one night of camping and the wind was blowing like a hurricane so we packed it in and headed back down.. The lake is still half frozen over as well.. may try this one again in about a month.. Also we heard some strange things up at the camp site even though we were the only ones up there at the time.. not sure if the lake is haunted?

As of June 2nd the road is covered in snow fields about 5 miles away from the trailhead. Still some awesome views. Hopefully the trailhead is accessible by July.

Trail map to access is incorrect; I ended up parking somewhere near one of the ski lifts
and hiking in on a USFS road. The creek was pretty well over the road, so I didn't end up making it to the trail head. Lots of birds and beautiful vegetation.

17 days ago

As of 6.5.17 there is still a massive amount of snow... had to camp a mile up the trail, cant even get to the lake right now. Also, the directions on this are horrible. It will take you on a back road for 20 miles. Get off on exit 47 instead of 55.
Overall, I would recommend hiking or backpacking this trail for at least another month!

Hike that can be done without any pack if you wanted to go minimalist. Easy and flat enough to take young children on; very safe, wide, well maintained, and stable trail.

It was a good hike to check out, great wildflowers in the spring

23 days ago


We followed google map's directions to the trailhead but encountered a no trespassing sign along the way so turned around to find a different way to access the trail. Found another road on google maps but after going across a one-lane bridge, the road quickly became so rocky and steep that we decided not to continue. Disappointed we couldn't find the start of this trail.

I often do this loop with my little dog who loves this area as much as I do. I start going right from the parking area so I'll end up by the river. Great views, not too many people, and there are nice informational signs posted throughout for some learning opportunities.