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17 hours ago

Alright trail. The views were mostly obscured by trees, but if you go left on trail 24.1 at the "end" of this trail, you can get to an overlook pretty quickly. Stay on 24.1 (don't veer right into 28.3) and it'll be pretty obvious when you get there. There's what looks line a split in the trail but really the one to the right just goes to a slightly higher overlook and comes right down next to the lower one, so go either way.

Excellent and definitely moderate with steep sections. We logged 3.6 according to two fitbits and 2000 ft elevation gain. Trail in excellent shape. Take exit 26 off I 90 then 6.2 mi on gravel road. TH obvious on right side.

No One else on the trail which was really nice. The lake and the view of the time were worth the hike up. A few pretty waterfall spots & worth the hike up.

Could be the best view within 25 miles of Missoula. The drive sucks. Easy grade at the beginning of the trail, followed by more incline about 1-1.5 miles in. Not many views along the way. Large talus rocks the final 300yards to the summit made for very slow going at the end. Outstanding 360 degree views at the top.

13 days ago

Hiked to Blossom Lake Friday, August 4th, 2017. Had a beautiful campsite right on the lake. HUCKLEBERRIES are plentiful & are still coming on...they are all along the trail & in our campsite as well! Saturday we hiked up to Upper Blossom Lake which is an easy hike . My hiking book said there is no trail to Upper Blossom but that is incorrect. Once you reach Blossom cross to the left of the small creek & continue along the trail staying to the left when you reach a Y in the trail. Trail climbs slightly but then evens out & is very easy. You'll come to another Y with a sign to Pear Lake & Upper Blossom Lake. Pear Lake is definitely more of a climb but well worth it! This hike is rated as easy. We do a lot of hiking & would rate this as moderate. Also the distance is incorrect. It is over 3 miles from the trailhead to Blossom Lake.

Nice and fairly easy hike with huckleberries aplenty. Only negative was vegetation often growing over the trail. We parked at the chairlift just past the old RR grade. From there it was 1.4 mi to where road became a path. Then another 1.6 to the lake. Grade was easy except for last 0.7 to the lake. That part was moderate. Wildflowers were present in all of the open areas. Pretty easy access from I-90.

Gorgeous hike with infinite possibilities from a simple day hike, over-nighting, multiple lake connections, ridge scrambles, and peak bagging. When we hiked it on 7/29 we went with the simple day hike to the lower lake including a dip in the crystal clear waters.

A few points: I would rate this moderate, not easy. I wonder sometimes if the people doing trail ratings are very fit and rating them according to their level rather than the general population. There is a fair amount of climbing that someone expecting an "easy" hike might be caught off guard with.

An earlier post mentioned that there are a couple of splits in the trail, but regardless which you take you wind up merging back onto the same trail. It's odd to me that they went to the effort to build alternate trails but with no signage or closing the old one off as they often do. I will add that if you are ascending, for both splits, taking the left split will lead you up a shorter, steeper route, while the right takes you up a newer, gentler (and slightly longer) route. So, for now, the choice is yours apparently.

Finally, HUCKLEBERRIES! I was picking them along the trail but saw others lower on the trail foraging. So get there soon! As with a lot of mountain landscapes this year, it looks like the bear grass was phenomenal this year but, sadly, the blooms are now gone.

Very steep and narrow at parts but worth the hike. Beautiful lake, lots of fish. Worst part was losing my companions on the trail because they kept stopping to eat huckleberries!

22 days ago

love these in the winter and also in the summer. make sure to bring bear spray if you go far back on the trails!

27 days ago

The map displayed is wrong as compared to the description as is the directions to reach the 262 trailhead. This is a top to bottom entrance and well this area is all about elevation; thus if you want to hike your tail off on the way out go for it. But I prefer the more difficult stuff the first day when fresh. Take exit 26 near Deborgia, MT. This is a tricky exit so be prepared when nearing it. Go 6.5 on up 886 to the trail head 262, just before the bridge. From hear take trail 262 to trail 280.We hiked in a dusk and had no issues with finding our way. The trail is steep and unrelentless with gain in elevation but worth every penny. Hazel lake doesnt offer many places to camp so we just went straight to Hub lake and camped at the west end of the lake where the majority of campsites were. Misquitos were thick to say the least. From the lake I highly recommend hiking to the top of Eagle peak and view all 5 lakes in the area. The trail is easy to follow and didnt have to scramble. The waterfalls above Hub lake we bush whacked to but was worth getting up on them. Definitely take time to check out the abandoned mine shaft as well. I highly recommend this hike, just be prepared to work hard for those 3 mi! No sign of bear though we hung our food anyway.

Fun hike, very scenic. I had to go with a 3 solely due to the accessibility of Cliff Lake for fishing purposes. If you're after a short hike it's great. Only 1 campsite, maybe 2. Steep and no flat spots. Which again, all good for just a fun hike or a day at the lake to swim. Float tube would be a good idea for fishing.
Make sure to download the map because there's no road signs to the lake and a couple turns could mess you up.