It gives me chills thinking about the history of this place. Was Custer the bravest man ever or a cowardly killer that finally got his? Was he a great leader or did he just get his followers killed? If you tire of this place, drive up the mountain, east on 212, and you will come to a beautiful pass with room to pull over on either side of the road. Listen to the wind blow through the lodge pole pine.

The history and life lost along this trail is unbelievable. This trail has a nice visitors center, and lots of information for the history buff.

Very significant historic site in our history. Very somber. Great facilities. Nice walk around the battlefield.

A lot of history in this area. A National Cemetery, Visitor Center, Last Stand Hill, as well as other monuments and markers are some of the things that await you when you visit this monument.

Not really a trail, more of an educational walk. The museum is cool and there is lot of history here. Can be very hot and dry.

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