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11 days ago

Nice options for different routes and almost entirely forested/in the shade. Long pants are recommended, however, as the path is narrow and there are some stinging nettles.

Very easy and accessible walk by a bubbling creek. Great for children.

Went to the top of Chestnut Mountain versus going to Frog Rock - a great hike with beautiful views of the valley and other mountains, and not too many people. We went up about 4.8 miles to the top of the mountain making the round trip hike a little less than 10 miles. Pack a lunch and enjoy it at the top!


Much steeper than I expected, but well worth the trip! there's a little shack at the top, similar to drinking horse. Loop 3 is a steep descent, but since the trail was dry, it was quite enjoyable. you can reach Levrich Trailhead from here(and we almost did, accidentally)

Went up yesterday it was a little muddy but great!

Beautiful hike be sure to take one of the foot paths off of the trail. They wind through the forest and make for a quick detour and increase the chance of an animal encounter. We ran into a couple of deer while we were there.

3 months ago

An awesome hike rewarding its conquerors with stunning views from all directions. Shuffled up there after my noon class on a Friday to watch the sunset and it did not disappoint.

I LOVE THIS TRAIL! I'm a student and it being so close to campus is awesome! I go to this trail all the time, sunshine or snow. It does get pretty muddy and slick when it's snowy, but still awesome. I saw a moose once too! Really simple hike and it goes on for at least 3 miles there and back (so 6 total), but I've never actually reached the end of it. GO! You won't regret it!

Definitely wouldn't consider this an easy trail.. easy to the lake but man its tough up to the peak! pretty the whole way though, worth the hike!

9 months ago

Great hike with the family. Lots of choices of loops and great views. We enjoyed being under the cover of the pine trees.