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1 month ago

Had a devastating ankle injury last October. This was the first long hike I went on since injury. Did a few short hikes before cedar lakes and my ankle was talking to me. No problems what so ever on this hike. The trail is a long constant up hill hike. The trail says hard but I would say moderate. I had thick fog 3/4 of the way up and then the sun came out. Following the creek almost all the way up, was quite tranquil. Made it to the first lake... very beautiful. The hike to the upper lake gives you a great view of the lower lake. The upper lake is absolutely beautiful as well. I wanted to hike to upper rim to look down on the upper lake but didn’t want to push my luck with my ankle. No mosquito problems what so ever. I would definitely do this hike again. I would love to make it to the upper rim. I would definitely recommend this hike. If your an experienced hiker you may be bored of the long continuous hike with very few obstacles.

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