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The cedars are enormous and beautiful. We didn't hike very much of the area, maybe 3 or 4 miles total since we started late in the day, but I want to come bike and hike the whole thing! This is an easy walk. And the creek is gorgeous!

13 days ago

Forest Service road about halfway to trailhead is washed out due to an avalanche, trailhead is not reachable June 2017.

19 days ago

what a great hike! lots of day hikers on the trail. My husband and I decided to backpack in and camp overnight. The trail as you get closer to the lake gets a bit confusing. we went off trail a few times and missed some switchbacks (we ended up scrambling quite a bit) bit still worth it. Lots of ice on the lake but gorgeous falls. a couple tricky spots with left over snow that we ended up going over or under and around. We had a blast!

on Leigh Lake

25 days ago

This was an amazing hike. It's pretty much straight up and you habe to do some navigating on rocky trails, but you follow a waterfall up to the lake. We hiked 5/27/17 and there was still snow crossings in a few places and the lake was still frozen, but no less beautiful. Great rewards to be had here.

26 days ago

Wow... That applies both to the end destination and the work required to get there. The trail was mostly snow free, but the streams are super high and you have to cross 4 times with no infrastructure support. There were downed logs on the first three that allow you to get across mostly dry (if you do it well).. the 4th requires just wading across ( was mid shin high where I crossed). Two of the three log crossings are pretty sketchy (read inadvisable) and the trail is poorly marked.

However, the end destination is stunning.. I had the trail and the lake at the end completely to myself until about 2 miles from the trailhead on my return. That was when I encountered two wolves jogging up the path, which was an awesome encounter although a bit unnerving when they weren't particularly eager to leave me alone. The first person was at a mile from the trailhead. The lake is beautiful and there a a couple of clear campsites there for those so inclined. I wish I had my gear with me to stay the night.

It is almost ready for the year!! There were only a few trees down and they were all ones you can step over!! There is still a lot of snow above the lower lake and up to the divide trail.

2 months ago

Breathtaking. You feel small walking among those trees.

5 months ago

Beautiful and crazy hike, but goes by before ya know it. Extremely beautiful slanted waterfall and peaceful lake! I will be back Leigh Lake!

6 months ago

Time of year: September

This is quite the hike. It can be strenuous at times on the way up. I've hiked this one a few times in the past and the cedar groves were beautiful; however, due to wildfires the beginning part of the trail can be grim because of the damage. The damage was significant enough to affect the trail as well, forcing us to backtrack occasionally for getting lost. Thankfully, closer to the lake the forest is mostly untouched. There are also a few river crossings, so prepare to get your feet wet.

We backpacked this trail, and campsites can be found along both sides of lake, some are fairly bigger than others.

The hike itself is not what makes this trail a good one, but the lake. The views from the lake are beautiful. The surrounding rock face is spectacular to look at. For those that enjoy ridge hiking, they might find this lake bit frustrating however. Simply trying to hike around the lake was difficult due to the thick foliage that was often over my head.

All and all its a good hike with some spectacular views, but the difficultly of trying to ridge hike and the damage done by the wildfire is somewhat unpleasant.

This place is unforgettable, when hiking in and around the giant cedars you'll think you stepped back in time. Very easy to hike, sometimes it can become busy but most of the times your alone in the cedars.

8 months ago

8 months ago

Great moderate hike with a stunning variety of views.

This hike goes through an old growth cedar ecosystem. It is a easy 2.8 miles to the first main creek crossing from the Ross Creek Cedars parking lot. After crossing the creek it is a short distance to the junction of trail 321 and 142.. Trail 321 heads up the south fork to the water fall. The last section is pretty steep and the tread reworked this summer. You go through a section that burned in 2015. The crew did a lot of work and a great job. I would rate the waterfall a 6 of 10. It is probably more spectacular earlier in the season. I had 4 miles on my gps to the water fall from the parking lot.

Lots of fish and the trail was pretty easy except the last mile which was pretty steep. Trail was well maintained

9 months ago

Long hike but trail was pretty clear and brush wasnt the bad for the last 2 miles

9 months ago

Great hike and well maintained trail

Nice trails. Well maintained and good signage

With the traverse of the screw slope this trail should be rated difficult