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Love this trial. Short & sweet with a little thrill (-;

10 days ago

This was my second time up to granite lake. I’m so grateful this place isn’t well know yet.

It can be a bit tricky getting there with the river crossings but it is truly one of the most beautiful Alpine Lakes in the entire Northwest.

If anyone gets the chance to bring a machete the last mile is covered in overgrowth.

Have fun!!

Nice Hike, easy with some

11 days ago

It was short, but a little steep. My mother-in-law had a hard time going up, but the reward of the waterfall at the end was awesome, absolutely beautiful! It would have been nice to have some info about the trail at the trail head. All in all, I give it 3/5 stars.

Great easy hike! Beautiful and thankfully only saw a squirrel. Definitely want to do more hikes in this area.

My favorite hike! The views are amazing.

15 days ago

Doable for experienced kids ages 7+, but there are some sketchy areas to cross, and the trail is very steep in sections. The view is totally worth it, and the water is refreshing! No fish were biting on our trip, but 3-4 groups climbing after us had their gear along also.

Out and back was about three hours, including 40 mins or so enjoying the view.

Such a breathtaking view! There is an awesome spot to camp by the falls if you want to make a slow trip of it! If you are brave you can jump in from a rock to a deep pool. Once you get to the lake, the views are ridiculous! We also saw three moose, so be ready to encounter wildlife:)

It was wonderful just a couple tricky parts like when a tree fell down you had to go off trail.There we’re not ver y many camp sights but they were all very nice.There weren’t very many mosquitoes.The lake and the views were beautiful.We took our pug he did amazing.-Lucy (age 8)

19 days ago

July 2nd 2018, passable roads recommend four wheel drive. Great hike for families lovely views at the top of lake, gradual climb, easy hike, highly recommended but bear spray.

21 days ago

A group of us went through Clark fork and tried going to Lake Estelle up Lightning Creek about 8 Miles up the road is closed do to a washout. So we didn't make it in not sure if you can get in through the Trestle Creek route we'll have to try again later.

22 days ago

Just got off the trail and absolutely loved it! The lakes are so beautiful and the hike up is honestly well tracked out. I would almost rate this as an moderate trail as there is really no steep sections and its just a slow gradual climb. Dont forget to bring bug spray! I didnt find the beginning of the trail bad but once you get to the lakes you get swarmed by mosquitoes!

There are a couple good campsites to choose from at both lakes. Definitely recommend doing this trail:)

24 days ago

Pretty steep on the way up, but every foot of this trail is beautiful and majestic! When you get to the lake, you will not be disappointed. And yes, there are fish up there!

29 days ago

The road in is good, and the trail is short to one amazing alpine lake. Enjoy!

on Lake Estelle Trail

1 month ago

Nice trail, beautiful lake.
Long drive up a gravel and rock road, about 18 miles. The road is clear of snow and completely navigable today, June 17th. You’ll want a vehicle with some clearance. We were fine in a 2wd F150. The trail is at least 3 miles to Lake Estelle,seemed longer. Trail still has stretches of crusted snow, and plenty of water from melting snow on the trail. We were fine with regular hiking shoes but a waterproof shoe with Trax would be ideal for the next couple of weeks. There were several trees down across the trail. Great dog trail, we brought two. Nice spring flowers along the trail, great views the last 1/3 of the way to Estelle.

The only wildlife we saw was a moose on the drive in the Pack River, a weasel (pine martin?) and a few pikas. Recommend carrying a can of bear spray. Tried a few casts for trout on Lake Estelle, but there was absolutely no action. The lake and views were worth the drive and hike.

1 month ago

Hiked this on 6/6/18. What a gorgeous lake and surrounding mountains! The road to the trailhead is nice, I think it's maybe been recently fixed. There is no snow on the trail, and the lake is beautiful with some ice still floating around. The trail is definitely steep and there is quite a bit of rock scrambling up towards the top(more than I thought there would be) but it's soooo worth it. Mountain goats frequent the area all the time. We saw hair all along the trail. We only saw 3 up on the mountainside though. We had the whole place to ourselves. It's amazing.

1 month ago

The directions from AllTrails got me where I needed to be. The trail head is a little ways up the trail so dont worry there. There are 4 river crossings that are ambiguous on location. On the first crossing there is a spot that is marked with orange tape. (shout out to the orange rope, you helped) DO NOT CROSS THERE. About 30 yards down stream there is a log jam you can cross to not get wet. On the 3rd crossing, when you get across, the trail seems to either go up a wash out or continue along the river. TAKE THE WASHOUT UP. We ended up with about an extra mile after backtracking so much. It took almost 5 hours to get up and 3 hours to get down. There are many downed trees as of right now. There was a giant deadfall about 3/4 the way up that you need to walk up the downed tree to find the trail again. Once you get to the lake its SPECTACULAR. There are 4 or 5 camping spots along the lake. "A" peak is humbling. It was definitely worth the headache to get there. Bring bear spray or a firearm as we saw a black bear on the way.

on Copper Falls Trail

1 month ago

Short and sweet!

1 month ago

Awesome spring view of falls. Well worth the wading through the crowd of people kids & dogs to get to the “real” hike. No snow in trail today. You must be comfortable in using GPS because several spots you need to go “off trail” to find a log to walk across to get across the creeks.

This is one of the most memorable hikes by far!!! It starts in the parking lot your amazed by the view of the trail head “seriously breathtaking!!” Trail is clear and easy to navigate....until! Haha we ran into snow the trail disappeared luckily my wife noticed one other persons “footprints” going in. The snow was hard packed but at least 3 ft deep in some areas. I am 200 lbs my wife is 105 and got a kick out of me kept falling into holes up to my knees! We went about another mile in total of 2.5 at this time my wife had an encounter with a cow moose she spooked it ran to me and it ran up the hill after coming towards her. Lots of fallen cedars to take cover at this time we jumped on one and waited 10 minutes after we went back on trail at this time roughly 2.7 miles in the trail is washed out from the creeks over run from snow. We got to the final creek crossing and couldn’t cross due to the time we had and how high the water was. We returned back easy to back track with our foot marks in the snow. We got back. Will deff do this hike again. Highly recommend if you want to do all that you wait until at least end of may to middle of June. 5 stars for the views!

Nice easy hike

Great with the kids!

4 months ago

Short great with family and when the waters low you can get pretty close to the falls. When we went people were swimming even.

4 months ago

good with family the path is a little rough and narrow sometimes but it's pretty

This is not a hike that one should go out of the way to do, but it is a nice diversion, if one happens to be passing by. The river and falls are remarkable.

9 months ago

So….you were thinking that you would take a leisurely stroll to a beautiful alpine lake, exerting minimal effort. You might consider choosing a different hike for that. Don’t let the short distance to Leigh Lake fool you. If you think you will skip to the lake, wearing your Sunday shoes, with grandmother and the kids in tow, toting a picnic basket, you are surely in for a measure of dismay. You will work for every step on this hike. It is up, up, up, all the way! There are some rock scrambles to do, and there you will be, viewing a stunning mountain lake, surrounded by lofty mountains – but you won’t do it without paying for it in sweat and burnt calories.

I was lucky to have the sun shining, this fine Sunday. It melted much of the ice on the rocky parts of the trail. Even with poles and cleats for my boots, I did a bit of slipping and sliding. Suffice it to say, this is not wheel chair accessible. You will earn your Trail-Finding and Rock Gully Scurrying merit badges on this hike.

There is ice and snow on much of the trail. Make sure to prepare for it.

Short but sweet hike along the river...

A great hike, the view at the top is well worth the effort

nice hike, trail hasn't been worked on this year.

Easy trail till the swinging bridge. If you don't do well with Heights look straight ahead walk carefully and breath, but don't run . Respect other people on the bridge and wait for parties to clear the bridge before steeping onto it. it was worth crossing over the bridge for the views, the video my family took might beg to differ with the expressions on my face.

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