Photos of Kaniksu National Forest Birding Trails

11 days ago

January - Mid Winter

Snow: None - Medium

This trail offers pleasant hike down to the shoreline with some beautiful views of lake Pend Oreille.

Along the trail you will find forested groves with cedars and some nice views of jutting rock faces including the final Maidens Rock at the end of the trail.

The trail is mostly flat, and has a steady incline down to the lake, making for a little bit of climb on the return trip. Nothing too strenuous or technical.

The beginning part of the trail was covered in ankle deep snow which eventually turned to ice, making navigating the trail difficult. Nearer the lake the snow\ice disappeared completely.

The main road is very accessible, even a small car could make it during the summer months. This time of year however the road is either covered in snow or ice making passage very risky.

Overall would definitely do again, look forward to giving it a try in the summer.