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trail running
19 days ago

We live a couple minutes from this trail and really love it, although parking is limited. If you get there early or keep an eye out for when it’s not so busy, parking is fine.

In the hotter months the trees make for a beautiful, cool, shady start, but eventually you are back in the sun enjoying the valley views and wildflowers,and the view from the Overlook is great too! They are planning to link it up with a new trail from Spanish Peaks road in 2019.

There are no restrooms but dogs are allowed (leashes for the first few hundred yards until you cross a private road). In winter in can be quite slippery coming back down the start of the trail head, but micro spikes or yak tracks help, just take your time. I wouldn’t say it’s that easy, it definitely gets the blood pumping and is a nice run you can do in 45 minutes, with moments to stop and take in the views as you go.