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This was absolutely spectacular trail on a beautiful fall day. The scenery is varied -from a beautiful mountain creek to a wide open high meadow to vistas across a tree covered valley -all ending with a beautiful waterfall before turning around. It says “no dogs” but I have always taken my dog on this and others have as well. My only caution is to not take the directions to get there. The better road is to continue on 287 past Townsend, across the Missouri River bridge and turn right at the bar there. There are signs that take you through the charming town of Radersburg and then signs that actually direct you to Crow Creek Falls. The directions that were listed above on this website take you through a mine that is very confusing and says keep out. The road even in the middle of October was horrible. So I recommend going the alternate route through Radersburg.

1 month ago

No signs so we had a difficult time finding it. Ended up at Jumpoff trailhead instead and merged into Crow Creek. Great hike and stunning scenery!

Beautiful country. Mountains surround the trail, 3 small streams along the way. Mostly flat. 4 miles round trip. Signs of horses,moose, deer, elk. Lots of woods. The trail was clean and maintained l. Old picnic tables at the end you can enjoy relaxing at by a creek bed. Only one other hiker on the trail

Beautiful hike! Fall colors were gorgeous. Say that this is an easy to moderate hike instead of a moderate hike.

Beautiful! I am was super surprised by this trail. It meanders along the Missouri River and is totally beautiful. Fairly easy hike. Though I would not recommend taking dogs, my dog came with and there is a section of rocky path that was a bit difficult for him and it scared him. Plus he tried to jump into the river several times.

Got a little lost on my way. But definitely worth the trip! Beautiful!

Lots of downed trees across the trail but met a young man on our way back down with a chain saw going up to clear the trail on his own . How nice was that? So now would highly recommend this trail. It is about 8.6 miles round trip. Beautiful views at the top!

2 months ago

Definitely not a hard hike. Nice long range views at the top.

A wrong turn down creek rather than up made this a 9 mile hike rather than the 6 I had planned. However, all 9 were delightful! There is no signage indicating the falls are to the left after crossing the creek, so beware. My black lab loved this hike because of all the water!

Beautiful hike, trail is fun and the scenery was tremendous. Some rough spots but manageable.

2 months ago

I enjoyed this hike. Saw a few deer, and lots of chipmunks. Absolutely zero people. Pretty hike. Good for the whole family.

on Mount Edith

3 months ago

Big payday at the summit in form of hundred mile views in all directions. Watch the summer weather, electrical storms come up fast. Edith Lake (I think that's right) a mile or so further north and quite a drop is a good overnight. that trail has had lots of new work and is very pleasant. The FS roads to get there were in good shape, although the last mile could present a challenge for 2wd lower clearance. Lots of blue grouse at timberline.

3 months ago

This place is awesome! Great hike

3 months ago

Awesome view! Great hike for the family and dogs!

This is an easy trail may be closer to 5.5 miles out and back! Will do it again!

Great, easy walk along the river. Saw a handful of kingfishers, a few ospreys, and a bald eagle. Fun to imagine the Corps of Discovery heading through the canyon.

Beautiful views. Only snag was that where the map said the trailhead would be, we didn’t really find anything close to resembling a trail. Ended up being more of a meander through the timber.

Hike is about 12-13 Miles round trip, not 9.8mi. End view is worth hiking all the way down but you have to maneuver over steep rocks going down and coming back up. Took us a total of 5hours, that included good rest periods.

Beautiful trail today. Got a late start and was getting hot, so only did 9.3. Wildflowers still in full bloom. No sign of wildlife until the meadow at the top where there was couple day-old elk droppings. Gorgeous views.

Not as cool because even well trained dogs needed to remain on leash. Won’t return to this trail.

This is rated a 5 star for adventure. It was burned in 2017, which provides for an open view, but it is hot.

I hiked this trail, the deadfall has been cleared and the wild-flowers are out, especially at the start of the trail (by the bridge over the wetlands) and in the high mountain meadows. I saw raspberries growing and huckleberries ripening about 1/2 mile into the hike. Take bear spray, I ran into some scat about 3.9 miles in on the mountain meadow.

Love this trail. It’s absolutely beautiful and the rocky red canyon walls make it hard to believe it’s just mere minutes outside of the Helena city. You DO walk across the dam (despite the signs and gate making it appear that maybe you cannot) to begin the hike. The first half is walking over rocks that have been positioned into a nice walking path, the second half is a sandy/dirt path through trees. It is incredibly scenic and you’re bound to see quite a few boaters and people fishing along the trail. My dogs love being able to wade around at multiple spots along this hike.
My advice: do not go in the heat of the afternoon as there is no shade on the rocky bits and it gets HOT. So don’t do it on a 98° summer afternoon like I did once, hah. Also, careful with dogs or anyone swimming as the current can be quite strong in most areas! Enjoy.

4 months ago

Wouldn't consider it hard, but moderate. Nice trail. Can easily go to top and come down Pinchot back to Rodney Ridge Trailhead in an hour and a half.

4 months ago

I loved this hike when we went! Will most definitely be doing it again!

Loved this hike. Beautiful scenery and a variety of terrain. There are a few steep hills to climb but take your time and it’s worth it! Definitely recommend the drive from Toston through Raidersburg vs the Townsend way.

This is one we often do early in the year because it is so gentle. In April we got turned back because of high water in the stream which is unusual. The creek often disappears into the gravels for most of the hike. Today, the water is still higher than usual so we had a total of 14 creek crossings... 3 of those were on bridges within the 1st mile that is accessible... rest were easy crossings. Found a few Lady Slipper orchids which was a surprise. this trail is not one I would say is loaded with wild flowers but there are a few. Cliffs are the real draw on this hike.

Very fun. You'll do some walking across a solid rock wall just down the trail. it's pretty stable. If you make it to around the big bend in the river the water is more calm and fun for animals. if recommend bringing your dogs some water. Mine got very hot and thirsty a mile before it was safe to approach the river. Expect a steep incline if you want to make it down sooner like I did.

Beautiful hike

5 months ago

was a great workout! and breath taking views.

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