mountain biking
8 months ago

Thrilling! Started at Stone Creek ended at Brackett creek. Very challenging, very scenic.

Decent trail system, lots of off leash (and sometimes wet) dogs though.

trail running
8 months ago

Awesome trail run. Very runnable, not too technical. Scenery all along the trail.

Super fun ride, especially going end to end. if you're planning on riding end to end, setup a shuttle or some sort of ride back to the other end of the trail, bridger canyon rd is a lot longer than most would expect.

had a little time this afternoon and wanted to enjoy some scenery. easy trail along river, forrest and meadow. checked out Bozeman beach. really enjoyed fall color.

Easy peasey trail for the kiddos. wide open meadows, East Gallatin river and the beach for lots of different activities.

3 years ago

Great evening ride on dirt bike not super technical but a great ride after work

mountain biking
6 years ago

My Experience
Trailhead is easy to find, the trail is well marked. There is a lot of climbing on this trail, but it is definitely doable, just put your steed into low gear, switch off , and enjoy the climb. This trail is in my books technically easy, but it is a long ride and a long walk out if anything goes wrong, so go well prepared. I did this trail as a P2P (point 2 point) starting at Stone Creek and finishing at Bracket Creek, however this trail can be done from both directions.

Oooohhh yes!! this trail is what mountain biking is about, not too strenuous, 23 miles of sweet singletrack through stunning scenery. The trail is well maintained and well marked. The scenery is fantastic, and it came with the smell of fresh pine and 1000′s of wild flowers. The 2-3 hour total climb is rewarded with a fantastic smooth downhill with in most places more than enough visibility to open up to a fair speed.. Dont open up too much, cos there are a few very tight switchbacks that appear out of nowhere, and some have some pretty brutal drops that you definitely dont want to hit going too fast.. If this trail doesnt put a smile on your chops, then nothing will!

All in all, the Bangtail Divide Trail is a definite Must Ride Trail.. I did this one in 4 hours 29 min. and I enjoyed every second of both the riding and the scenery.

Other Info:
Traffic on Trail : 5 mountain bikers, one jogger, one hiker

Wild Life : I did not see anything

Scenery : 23 miles of scenery

Other : Take extra fluids, dont forget the bug repellent there are ( were) lots of pesky horseflies.

My Trail Rating : 9.5 / 10