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An early addition to the National Park Service (park #10), Glacier National Park in Montana turned 100 on May 11, 2010. The park is immense, with 1 million acres (4,047 km2), 300 lakes and a reach of 1,584 square miles (4,103 km2). The park is considered the centerpiece of a vast region of protected land that includes some 16,000 square miles (41,440 km2). The park features some 700 miles of hiking trails and supports all manner of outdoor activities, such as biking, boating, fishing, and horseback riding. There are 13 campgrounds that allow for roughly 1000 campsites. Other accommodation options include hotels, inns, lodges and motels. Part of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, this park has over 50 remaining glaciers and 130 named lakes under the tall Rocky Mountain peaks. There are historic hotels and a landmark road in this region of rapidly receding glaciers. These mountains, formed by an overthrust, have the world's best sedimentary fossils from the Proterozoic era.

Its a really nice day hike if you are staying at Sperry Chalet. Do bring water; sperry has a spigot to fill your bladder. There are grizzlies who frequent the trail. Bear spray is a MUST. It is excellent "negative" reinforcement for the bears to NOT interact with humans. After all Glacier is a bear habitat where they shut trails down to protect the bears. The unmanned Gunsight Pass chalet is a good place to chill and have your hikers lunch and get out of the elements if it should turn blustery wet and cold (it does in a heart beat) at the pass. Being in pretty good shape helps alot and having the right gear for the back country does too. Enjoy !

3 days ago

5 days ago

Spectacular trail! Seeing the icebergs floating in August is amazing! Also saw moose and beautiful wild flowers.

This is about a 7-8 mile loop if you take some of the small side trails which we did, not 16.7.
Pretty easy and a good starter hike to this beautiful park!

Incredible drive. Go early in the morning before the traffic becomes heavy.

12 days ago

The hike can be a bit strenuous if the temperature is warm. Carry plenty of water. Iceberg lake itself is incredible, especially if it still has plenty of ice in it.

Very easy short hike and the Running Eagle falls are spectacular.

13 days ago

Going in is tough...steep climb, but the boardwalk helps a lot. The view is well worth it. On the way out, we saw a band of about 10 bighorn sheep. We did it in late September, so early morning temps were chilly, with a biting wind. But later in the day, the crowds were greater so we were glad we went really early.

Beautiful trail. Pretty easy going for the most part. There are some serious cutbacks as you get closer to the glacier.

14 days ago

Plenty to see along this trail, and the water keeps your ear good company. We enjoyed it.

14 days ago

Nice, easy trail with plenty of diverse plant life. The cedars were somewhat of a surprise. I hadn't really thought about cedars being a part of Glacier for some reason.

This was a fun trail, with the reward of the falls at the end. There's a fork about halfway down, I can't remember where it goes, but there was a sign on that trail saying "closed due to bear activity". I'm from Florida, where the bears rarely eat you, so it would have been handy to have placed that sign at the beginning of the trail. Just sayin'...

We drove the entire stretch almost every day of a two week stay, and were amazed by something every time. The colors of the aspen in fall were spectacular. And the amount and diversity of the wildlife was phenomenal - Grizzly, black bear, bighorns, mountain goats, mule deer, elk, and even moose...many visible from the vehicle!

Jumping in an icy lake=best mid-hike break ever

17 days ago

It is a fun family day hike. If you keep an eye out on the rocky cliffs east of the trail you sometimes see mountain goats climbing. There isn't much scenery until you get to the lake, but then it's spectacular.

24 days ago

It was a fun hike with many varieties of berries along the trail. The fishing is unbelievable if you don't mind small fish. There are so many fish you can't help but catch them but I wouldn't recommend it for fishing. The largest fish we saw was about 5 inches long.

24 days ago

It is really a tough hike, 9.2 miles each way according to my gps. Beautiful waterfall at the head of the lake. I would recommend it if you are in shape.