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Absolutely awesome hike. The views along the entire hike are incredible and we saw several mountain goats and deer. The beginning of the hike - when the path is narrow with steep drop-offs - may have been the most exhilarating part of the trail, though it is beautiful the whole way. Towards the end of the hike, it is worth making a short detour to stop at the Granite Park Lodge; the hike down from there, through burned forest, was longer than expected and very exposed (the only slight negative about the hike). Provided the park shuttle is running, it is relatively easy to get back to your car from the finish of the hike.

Steady climb up, steady decent down. Saw a number of other hikers, but no wildlife except a crow, a grouse (Ithink) and some ground squirrels. The climb to the top was worth the effort. We ate lunch on top sitting on the deck of the lookout tower. I felt like the cell tower at our feet competed for attention and was out of place but that did not stop me from texting pictures to friends back home. Once on top there is a fantastic view of Lake McDonald. I met some locals on the trail that had used the trail many times. Back on Columbia Falls I talked to anothe local who had traversed the trail on three occasions. If I do it again I will wear better socks or shoes and a cap with a bill. There is almost no shade. But The leaves a a brilliant yellow and falling along the lower trail.

Awesome, easy hike through beautiful scenery.

Beautiful trail through the trees. Uphill on the way out to the lake. It snowed while we were there end of sept. Very popular hike. Beautiful waterfall on the trail of the cedars. The avalanche trail also runs along a creek which was very pretty.

My son and I did this hike on 10/8/2018 and hiked in the snow the entire way. Absolutely breathtaking views and easy walking for majority of trail. Two adult grizzlies on the trail within 75 yards about 1/2 mile before lake. Decided not to bump them, so we never actually made it to the lake, but well worth the minimal effort. Will complete this hike next time in GNP!

Nice trail. We saw 4 other groups but quiet and away from the crowds. The meadow and lake were very pretty. Very easy hike.

this trail made my year. It's simply breathtaking and was the highlight of my Glacier vacation

Beautiful trail! definitely would love to do it again.

Hiked this with two young kids. We had to carry them most of the way, but we made it to the lake in about an hour. The view at the end was well worth it.

Everything about this hike is perfection... but don’t cut it short. Go to both ends of the lake. You’re missing out if you don’t see the view from the opposite shore. Plus fewer people go the full distance so it’s a little more peaceful.

10 days ago

Sadly, this trail is closed until some future date. Apparently the park service or the forest service is concerned about "fire weakened trees" falling. In addition, the road to the trailhead is closed at Going to the Sun Road, requiring a short 1/4 mile hike. I was disappointed since I wanted to get a few quick hikes in Montana. There was no indication as to when this trail will be reopened. I suspect that many of the trails in this area are presently afflicted in a similar manner.

One the most beautiful trails I have hiked. Breathtaking, serene lake and heavenly waterfalls. Lots of wildlife.

on Highline Trail

11 days ago

This is a fantastic hike - great views! Worth the detour to take the trail up to the glacier overlook (worth the steep trek). Highly recommend you retrace your steps after you get to the lodge - we made the mistake of ignoring other hikers’ advice and the last 4 miles to the road were the worst hiking ever - dusty, hot, biting flies and dodging mule dung, (no views) and then waiting an hour to get a shuttle (no seats on the 5 that passed by). Other than that this was the best day in the park! Wish we had time to do it twice!

It was cold. Wind was blowing hard. Not an ideal hike for this time of year. Still was beautiful though.

Amazing hike, the first 3 miles were easy and mostly flat, the last 2 miles is really where you gain all your elevation. The views were amazing, you are surrounded by mountians and cliff sides. YOU WILL SEE WILDLIFE. Maybe.... all i know is we saw bear prints, and bear scat, but no bear. We did see 2 moose that were about 20 feet away! Really beautiful hike and well worth it.

so sick

awesome out and back. great way to end a weeklong trip. don't get fooled by the great opening just shy of the peak take photos and go all the way to top as it is worth the extra couple hundred feet ascent.

18 days ago

We hiked up and back Mt Brown in about 5.5 hours. It was moderate temperature on the first 2.5 miles or so - we took most layers off as the exertion of hiking up steeply inclined trail got us pretty warm. After about 2.5 miles, we started getting into more weather and by the top, there were a couple inches of snow and it was blowing very hard. We put all our layers back on by then and were grateful for them. The view was pretty though we were mostly surrounded by clouds as the day was overcast so it was hard to see too much. The lookout building at the very top was a cool summit find as well. Our fitness levels are moderate to fit and we found the hike to be difficult but entirely doable, particularly as we kept a low key, steady pace. One thing to note is that from the Lake McDonald lodge parking lot, it is 5.3 miles to the lookout building at the summit making the round trip 10.6 miles (not 9.2 as the Mount Brown Lookout Trail info on AllTrails indicates).

Beautiful walk along the stream and lake at the end is absolutely stunning. It was quiet going up to the lake but lots of crowds as we made our way back down. Going to the sun had just closed at avalanche creek so lots of people settled on this hike when they realized they couldn't drive further. Definitely recommend going early as part of the lake's beauty is its solitude.

18 days ago

Enjoyed this trail. Great scenery along the way to the lake. Would definitely do it again in summer though and first thing in the morning to avoid crowds

beautiful mountain and lake side views along with three different water falls. only downside is personal, in that I prefer alpine trails :)

this trail was like walking in literal heaven. absolutely beautiful landscapes, adorable mountain goats. highly recommend! if you'd like to do the whole trail, which goes down to the lake (and then you walk back to where you started) I recommend giving yourself a full day because it is long and you'll probably wanna chill at the lake for an hour or two before heading back.

Well worth the trip. Stayed at Gunsight Lake and took this spur.

20 days ago

We did this hike on Monday, September 17, 2018. It was a beautiful sunny day. We started the trail around 9:30 am and finished at 1:30 pm., and that included a 30 minute stop for lunch at the top. This is a beautiful hike and, while hard, very doable for most. Dress in layers as it will go from cold to warm and back again. There is also enough wind at the top portion to warrant bringing something to cover your face. Sunscreen, chapstick, and hiking pole are helpful but also protection against wind chaffing for your face is a good idea. The best views really are on the first portion of the hike and before you turn away from the mountains and traverse the slopping trail to the scenic point. There is a nice spot at the point where you can sit and eat lunch while being protected from the winds. The chipmunks will steal your food if you don’t watch out! We didn’t realize you can continue on the trail and finish at the East Glacier Lodge, which is a 10 mile trek in total. This would be a good idea and we met a group on the trail doing just that. Easily one of the best hikes in Glacier...enjoy!

21 days ago

A good hike up the mountain and my wife and I did get to the tp and it was a spectacular view we didn’t anticipate. Those of you who gave up before the top missed it. Oh, I’m 71 and headed to east glacier tomorrow.

21 days ago

Did this in 27mins as a trail run (hike up quick run down even quicker). Nice falls at the top.

21 days ago

Very easy hike. Nice views. Did this as a recovery hike after Ptarmigan tunnel + Iceberg Lake yesterday. Saw a moose (f) on the way back and some bald eagles.

This would be a wonderful family hike as there's no elevation gain and a well paved trail. Lake was beautiful as were the mountain peaks and waterfalls/streams on the way in.

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