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Wonderful after the rain. Wild geraniums and columbine.

Was told it’s a short hour to the top... count on more. But the view was worth it. Everyone else had bearspray (or a gun) so we felt nervous for awhile, but plenty others on trail.

Did this with my 13 yr old son on Father’s Day. Rained the entire hike and so windy at the top that we could barely stand! All in all, very beautiful, lots of flowers, but unfortunately it was so cloudy that we had very little visibility and really no views. It was an accomplishment just to make it. That last half mile is a doozie!

Great hike. Kids did it well. Beautiful when we got to the lake

3 days ago

Beautiful views

Really nice trail with the best waterfall at the end! Views from high up and right on the water.

This is a wonderful hike. Beautiful alpine meadows. Crystal springs and finally grand mountain views. But if the M trail is rated moderate, how can a ten miler with close to 3500 feet gain fall into the same category?
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6 days ago

I fell a couple miles short of the lake before I turned around (talked to others at the trailhead who did the same) there's still a considerable amount of snow/it was too deep for me. Wear boots, the way up is gorgeous and challenging for hikers wanting to get into better shape!

Wonderful trail- all uphill for 3 miles. The rocks were somewhat challenging at times. The view of the lake was spectacular. Much easier on the return since it was all downhill. The river running by the trailer is beautiful and very serene. It took us three hours total

Absolutely stunning the whole way through. Very rocky trail, but worth every step once you get to the lake!

Gorgeous views! Great easy trail with a lot of places to picnic, even right next to the falls!

8 days ago

I blithely skipped past all the reviews saying "this is the hardest trail I have ever done" because I consider my self a pretty experienced hiker. I have hiked Half Dome. I have hiked Blackmoore. Garnnet lookout. NONE of them were as hard as this. It's practically straight up straight down. I thought I was going to pop a lung on the way up and the way down wasn't much better because I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose a toenail. Plus it's windy. And I mean REALLY windy. I had to take off my hat and strap my backpack down tighter. My dog almost got blown over. At one point I spit and I'm pretty sure it hit Bridger Canyon rd. I passed all FOUR false summits (That's right, where the pole is and the registration box is NOT the summit, it's like 3 away from that). When I got back to the box to write my name in, my fingers were so stiff and cold from all the wind that I took up 3 lines and it looked like a toddler wrote it. Try Sacajawea. Try Bangtail. Try something that's not a complete staircase of a trail with "great views" that you can't even see through the sweat pouring into your eyes.

Great trail with amazing views. Make sure you go all the way to the top. Has a picnic table and views on the back side of the mountain.

9 days ago

Great views at the lake, but getting up was sorta difficult due to the trail being snowed over, but if you follow the creek, you'll find it, very worth it (btw went on June 8 was still snowy)

Super easy hike! Awesome for kids and family. Waterfall is great to see anytime of the year!

Heavily trafficked but quick and easy to do! Pretty views on top.

Love lava lake! Trail is very rocky. Lots to do at the lake like hiking around it, up to the ridge, or cliff jumping.

Wow I really love this hike! Definitely one of my favorites in the area. A good climb and amazing views at the top!

Pretty decent trail! Lots of variety such as switchbacks and up and down flowy trail parts. Lots of pretty views and wildflowers. Watch out for mountain bikers. Best time to go would be earlier morning. I didn’t see anyone the first half of my hike. The old mining shack at the top was a pleasant surprise.

Great hike - The trails are well-maintained and easy to navigate. The scenery is stunning.

10 days ago

this is probably the hardest hike I have ever done. the views are amazing though. I stopped at the false summit because I was too tired to keep going but keep in mind the post is not actually the summit

10 days ago

We hit the trailhead at 8am on a June Saturday and saw four people heading down during our hike up. When we were heading down, we saw a total of 47 people and about 10 dogs heading up. There are parking spaces for about five cars. All other cars park along the road. The trailhead is near a creek, but that is the last water you will see, so it is important to pack a lot of water for yourselves and pets. The trail has a solid incline and several rocky switchbacks with full sun. Not the best hike for anyone with vertigo. The view from the top is predominately to the southeast and southwest.

Very easy. A couple can walk side by side. Many lumber roads. Pay attention to the turns. Limited shade. Gorgeous views of Bridgers. Snow-capped and wildflowers in spring. Quiet, limited traffic.

Fun, short hike. There were yellow wildflowers all over the place. Views from the top were awesome.


Fantastic trail, beautiful falls. Well maintained, nothing crazy with the elevation.

13 days ago

Mountain Bike trail. I recommend using 4x4 high enough to clear dirt moguls on the road to reach parking lot. Had to park minivan quarter short of parking lot. lol. Hike was a good workout. Had my 16 month old son on my back. Lots of Mountain Bikers to be aware of as you can't hear them coming behind you. Over all it was a nice hike, however do to frequent traffic of mountain bikers, I recommend a different trail for hiking.

Pretty views and a little quieter and more serene than the M trail. Trailhead is much trickier to find than the M, though.

Went early June. Really beautiful, wet, chilly, and fun. Pretty decent conditions for running. Would recommend a sweater for the top if you travel in the morning

just hiked this trail this past weekend, super muddy but with gaiters it's no problem. mystic lake is definitely worth the hike. beautiful and lots of fish

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