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lovely, often busy but worth it.

Easy hike with rewarding views :) The trail can get pretty busy in the summer, but still enjoyable! The waterfall varies in size due to ice melt off of the mountains, but you still get a spectacular view of Holland Lake and most of Swan Valley!

2 months ago

I'm from MT, so this would definitely be considered an easy trail (from Lodge to Lower Holland Falls), but folks from other states (or with minimal experience hiking) may find this trail more "moderate". Even so, the trail is well-travelled, so there's no guessing where it may lead. The last quarter-mile up to the falls does have a more steep incline and is quite rocky, so step lively! Bring a camera for some breathtaking views of and from the Falls.

off road driving
3 months ago

great place to ride snowmobile or UTV, dirt road runs along the West Side of Reservoir with plenty of spots for fishing or camping. Heavy use during the summer months.

Great place to start hiking, watch your trail markers, several trails cross over and run along side. Great views of the Lake and South Kalispell. Late spring has been the best time for me.

Great hike, Ive been on this trail several times and enjoyed each time. This trail has a lot of switchbacks and steep sections. Hiking up to the top and seeing the lake is well worth the hike. Watch out for the bears along this trail ...

Great shortie hike, ran into about 2 feet of snow at the lake but, great big views for such a brief (strenuous) trek!

4 months ago

4 months ago


Great trail! Strenuous but worth the hike :)

Beautiful, even in the wind and rain

on Stanton Lake

5 months ago

5 months ago

Such a beautiful fall day. Fairly easy hike with amazing views

Awesome hike on an easy trail.


Great view from the trail up to the falls! Well worth the hike!