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All the hard work is up front. we met a curious mountain goat at the peak as our reward, well that and stunning views. The whole trail was spectacular. There were a few people here and there in the Basin but overall not to crowded. We even found a few huckleberries right on the trail coming down.

2 days ago

We love this trail. It is hard to get to the summit, however, there are a lot of great highlights along the trail that could be destination points. The trail is well maintained.

Took us over 7 hrs. Amazing would do it again for sure.

Was a neat little walk with the kids. They enjoyed the sites since we walked along the dam.

4 days ago

If you’re looking for a mountain to summit, one that is not too difficult, this is a good one. The first 2 miles have a steady elevation gain, it’s only the last mile or so that gets a bit more strenuous. Incredible 360 views at the summit! We were a bit surprised by the number of flies at the top, but we did hike in the afternoon hours. Saw a mountain goat at the summit too! My husband enjoyed picking huckleberries along the way.

Beautiful trail and lake! Big Bang for your buck!! Not difficult or long! Highly recommend. I took my dogs on leash and they loved it!!!

Beautiful, easy hike from Tally Lake Campground. We saw stunning rock features, wildflowers, and views of Tally Lake. We did the hike in about 45 mins. Note: the trail is actually a 2.5 mile / 4 km loop (AllTrails only shows the right-side portion), but there is a map at the start of the trail, and the trail is easy to follow.

Be warned, the road to the trailhead is quite rutted and steep, and parking is limited. BUT the trail is worth it. The clouds were low in the morning, but started to clear up by noon. Every part of this loop is different... well maintained trail, small scramble to the summit, and then a hike down through meadows and lakes. Keep in mind, this trail was about 30% longer than the AllTrails app indicates. We did the entire loop in about 4.5 hrs, including a stop for lunch, some pictures breaks, and a stop at one of the lakes.

We were visiting from Canada over the weekend and had so much fun on this loop. The clouds began to lift and break after noon and we got stunning panoramic views of flathead lake. The climb was challenging, but not hard. After topping the peak the trail winds down into a beautiful mountain bowl with meadows, shallow creeks and clear lakes, and SO MANY WILDFLOWERS!!!! It started to rain on us from cloud build-up so would recommend a light wind/rain shell. My favourite part was the very varied plant life and scenery you go through. Every part of the trail is different and exciting.

Beautiful hike up Danny On to Flower Point then on to the Summit. This track is one way- uphill.

5 days ago

Steep but dope

over grown
5 days ago

Somewhat difficult. Lots of elevation changes and over grown but worth it for the view. We went in the morning and there was very few people there.

bridge out
6 days ago

As people have noted, the road to this trailhead is closed. As an alternative, I recommend hiking to crystal lake just a couple miles to the south. It doesn’t look like the trail is on this app but if you’re interested in a beautiful and very remote hike through dense wilderness to a pristine mountain lake, then it’s worth poking around for. If you turn off the highway to go to Lindbergh Lake and follow the dirt road up into the mountains you’ll come to the trailhead.

Dog friendly! Hike in was good - most of elevation gain is first half of the hike. Pretty and woodsy landscape throughout. Definitely worth the end destination. Lake was pretty shallow when we were there - clean clear and beautiful - great for swimming. Did not fish. Loved the views. Wish there was a sign or trail to upper cold creek. Attempted a trail to the right but way over grown so turned around. No bug spray needed - went mid August.

Great trail with awesome views! Perfect for moderate hikers. Only strenuous part is the last little ways. We got to trail head at 3:20 and was back down at 6:45.

First two miles were steep, last mile gives you a break. Overgrowth wasn't bad at all. Lake isn't spectacular but good for a short hike.

I would rate this as moderately hard, not extremely hard for this 60 year old hiker. Lots of nice shaded forest, small streams with bridges so no water crossings beautiful wildflowers and lots of green. Well marked trail, lots of signs. The trail goes up Big Mountain across ski trails and under chair lifts at the Whitefish Ski Resort. Took 2.5 hrs up and 1.5 coming back down. Loved it!

Great hike! Beautiful views of the valley, late-summer wildflowers and of Glacier's mountains in the distance. At our pace the hike would have taken about 1.5-2 hours, but we couldn't help filling a water bottle with huckleberries - they were everywhere! No need to even venture off the trail for the sweet snack, the bushes lined the path. Very well-maintained trail, lots of visible markers and moderately graded, making for a casual afternoon trek. We ended up grabbing a beer at the summit bar and taking the chairlift down for $10. A perfect day.

8 days ago

About an half mile from Crater lake, the map tries to take you on an old overgrown trail that doesn't lead down to the lake. The real trail is up to the left, where there is a rocky overlook. It is easy to follow if you go this way.

8 days ago

Parking area just past Stanton creek resort. First .25 mile steep, then it levels out. Lake is beautiful! View of the Great Northern was phenomenal! Saw a few loons on the lake and an osprey flying around. Keep going on the trail until you end up at the camping/fire pit spot. About 2 miles from trailhead.

Beautiful view, but not much of a hike. More like a walk down a busy street.

over grown
10 days ago

The map wants you to start at the izaak walton but you can drive all the way to the trailhead if you want. Continue southwest on the highway and take dickey creek road (across from the halfway hotel). The road goes over the railroad, forks left and then continues on a little ways to the trailhead. Like others mentioned, trailhead is right before bridge. Trail is overgrown but easy to follow, would be five stars if it was maintained. Lake is clear and warm, didn't see anyone else. I didn't complete the loop since everything was so overgrown.

First warning; if you use "directions" from AllTrails, they likely have coordinates wrong. You will want to drive another .5 miles to find the trailhead on your right of NF 538. After that, it's all good. Wonderful trail with semi-steep descent to begin, which becomes a bit of a tester at the finish. There is a lovely lake befire the turnaround; reports on the fishing are very positive!

Like others said, the top was overgrown, but did yield some tasty raspberries. We were slightly disappointed by the lake once we got to the top, but the hike itself is a great challenge that offers some spectacular views and chance to walk among ancient trees and spend some time in a peaceful spot.

10 days ago

Amazing views of the flathead valley for most of the hike. Starts with some gradual switchbacks, trail gets narrow for the last mile with a few minor trail washouts but easily doable. The lake is beautiful and well worth the hike. Our group caught 6 trout in a little over an hour!

Loved this hike! The view is worth every challenging step up!

I live in the Flathead valley and had never done this trail before last week. This trail is a bit of a booty kicker, but totally worth it. We saw a couple of mountain goats and picked some huckleberries on our way up. Totally worth the climb for the view. Go all the way to the summit. You won't regret it.

Beautiful hike , steeper as you get up higher. It also cools off at the to, bring a jacket. Tons of huckleberry along the way. Saw a beautiful ten point elk chilling in a valley- amazing. The wild flowers were stunning. So fun!

My type of hike: Steep slog uphill, snack on wild huckleberries, grab a beer at the ski lodge at the top (I recommend Great Northern Brewing Co’s Huckleberry Lager to pair with the wild hucks) then grab the chairlift down. Recommend doing it late arvo in the summer to beat the heat. Last chairlift goes at 5.30pm

Great trail! Recommend heading out early as it gets hot as you are climbing to the top. We met several hikers who rode the chair up and were hiking down, many just taking their time to pick the huckleberries. We picked a few on our way up as well

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