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2 months ago

Great trail for early hiking in the summer

3 months ago

Hiked up to Storm Lake pass... awesome hike and beautiful view! Middle of October and about 6 inches of heavy snow on the trail.

A local suggested this hike to me & everything about it was perfect.

4 months ago

Overall amazing hike! We took our dog up with us, plenty of water access on the way for him. We hiked up Saturday (9/1) and came back down Sunday (9/2). Overall well maintained trail that is pretty lightly trafficked and not terribly steep. TONS of wildlife visited our camp overnight, make sure to tie up food for sure. Lots of fish jumping in the lake, we caught some nice trout. The trailhead is easy to get to, you are on a dirt road for awhile but it is in pretty good shape.

the trail is great and especially the Lake ans the campspots Theresa BUT be aware that first the Rock creek Lake and everything around ist private property... so toll get to the trail you have to Cross private property and second the Road to the trail ist Hardcore... our suv almost did not make ist... better have a 4wd or Something more for driving over Rocks...

Great hike with my eight year old to a beautiful lake. Downfall to this hike is that you can drive to the lake.

5 months ago

Great trail. Easy hike. Caught a grayling!

the trail was great! the hike is more like 5 miles one way not 6 in and out. my pedometer listed it as 10.09 miles in and out. the lake was absolutely beautiful and well worth the hike in. there are 3 water crossings on the way up, but they are easy to get across!

5 months ago

Wonderful hike with a gorgeous lake at the end. Beautiful place for relaxing and taking a swim

Close to home, this is a view filled quick steep hike. It’s a spur off of the cdt so you can link it into a much longer outing if you take the ridge over to Homestake.

The trail is very steep and very eroded due to 4 wheeler use. Beautiful views. I would rate this as difficult due to large amount of boulders and the very steep incline.

5 months ago

It's a fairly dense walk in on a rocky trail. but once you get to the top it opens up to a beautiful lake! Easy hike in and out, even my 9 yo had no problems. Tons of fish up there too!

Beautiful hike with about 80 or so switchbacks that is moderately shaded and has plenty of nice views. A few easy water crossings and a gorgeous view of the lake and cirque once you make it to the top. Take binoculars if you want to check out any wildlife across the lake up on the mountainside. We saw a beautiful bald eagle and a large mountain goat from a distance. Only saw one other person up at the lake, but otherwise had the entire place to ourselves (Thursday 7/19/18 mid morning-early afternoon) The last couple of miles to the trailhead are a pretty rough and rocky so a 4WD vehicle with good ground clearance is recommended but it may be doable with a 2WD when conditions are really good. Also be sure to pack the bug spray, those dang horse flies bite hard! Overall, one of our all-time favorite hikes!

6 months ago

A nice short trail that is close to town. The trail includes and fairly good vista of the city down below. When i went there was plenty of wild flowers, butterflies and other insects about. I would caution the trail has little to no cover on it so on hot days your at the mercy of the sun to bring water.

I would not recommend this trail until August. It was snow-packed with water running below us when we did this hike last July. The trail was hardly visible most of the time and there was water running beneath the snow which is dangerous. The view of the lake is gorgeous !

What an absolutely spectacular hike. Good trail. Love that you can hear water the entire hike. It’s good deal cooler at the lake so be sure to pack layers. Also, we think this would be tough to get to and tough to hike due to numerous creek crossing in rain of heavy runoff. The roads to the trail are no joke. We wouldn’t recommend ever trying to get there without a large 4WD or an ATV. Snow at the top of the hike and around the lake on July 1 which we thought was super cool! Enjoy! We can’t wait to go back!!

The road is quite rough. 4wd isn't a necessity, but something with ground clearance is. The trail is very fun. The lakes are beautiful.

Hiked to Louise Lake on a Monday and had the place to ourselves. Left my phone in the car so didn't record the hike or take any pics. This is a great hike with lots and lots of switchbacks, many with great vistas looking west toward Sailor Lake (another great hike). Louise has Yellowstone Cutthroat trout. Caught two. There was a little snow on the upper trail but nothing tough to get over or around. Good bit of snow around the east end of the lake.

June 10th 2018.

You will not make it to the trail head without a 4x4 truck or Jeep. Stock 93 GMC 1500 did fine. Maybe an Outback would do it but you will be scraping on large rocks.

The trailhead has no signs or markings but it's easy to find.

The first half of the trail is wet but clear. there is a swampy area you have to walk around but the trail is easy enough to pick up again.

The 2nd half of the trail was dry and rocky. a few small downed trees, but not bad for such a remote trail.

The climb wasn't too bad. It's high elevation (7600ft) so I don't recommend going in early June like me unless the forecast is clear. Rain was forecasted but we woke up to 3" of snow.

Beautiful lake, at least 2 big sites with fire rings. I recommend it if your car can make it!

8 months ago

Such a fun hike! You can go around either way. You end up at the top of a hill with great views of Butte. Lots of runners and dogs! We hiked it in February with Yak Tracks/Snow Boots. More can be found on my blog (https://www.brisul.com/blog/2018/3/2/maud-s-canyon-loop-butte-montana).

8 months ago

Beautiful trail, amazing views

This road is NOT something you should take a car down. The rugs are very deep and snow still on parts of the road. Only saw atv’s trying the road. I had to turn around unfortunately

FYI the trail and trail head are still there! You have to drive the road that follows the right side of the lake when you reach the small group of cabins at the end of the road there will be a small parking area on the right, after that you have to hike the rest of the way up the road into the trail head unless you have an atv or side by side. Great hike!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

hiked this in September! Gorgeous views!

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

I really enjoy this hike

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Beautiful trail with an amazing view at the top. It's definitely a "moderate" trail especially if you're nine month pregnant (haha) going uphill is not easy but SO worth it! There is not a lot of trees along the trail so I would recommend going in the morning or evening when it's hot outside :) ! Have fun.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Beautiful hike to Lake Louise. Moderately trafficked, well maintained trail. Total hike is 7.4 miles. Lots of nice campsites by the lake, we saw about 8 tents 7/29/17. Good fishing for Cut Throat trout.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Great hike. Beautiful lake. Bug spray is a must. Hike round trip is closer to 10 miles. sign at bottom says 5 miles. I used GPS on my way out and it was just under 5.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Warning! By July of 2017 the condition of Rock Creek Lake Road & Old Stage Road has really deteriorated. Definitely need a vehicle with higher clearance, 4WD. Also, as far as we could see, there is no access to the trailhead any more. The dam road is blocked by several large boulders & a new-looking wooden gate & fencing block the road on the other side of the dam. Disappointing after a stressful hour + drive from Deer Lodge (14 miles!). We walked along the road by the lake for a couple hours, which was nice, but we couldn't see any sign of a trail.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

The entire Anaconda-Pintler loop is disappointing if you like glaciated peaks and rocky shore lakes to jump into. The passes are below timberline. The views come through acres of burned treestumps (thus, it's hot). To lake dump one has to wade through muck and grasses. The trail is wickedly not maintained: blowdowns to climb over, under, or around, slopping paths, unmarked junctions. Back to the Beartooths I go.

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