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I'm a little confused... we planned to do this hike, and used the Directions tab above. This led us to the entrance to Island Lake Ranch Road, which is private, gated, and according to their neighbors, has been closed to the public for decades. Looking at the AllTrails map, there is no other access to this trailhead than this ranch road. Perhaps other reviewers knew the owners or confused this lake with another? Please clarify. Thanks.

Simply an amazing hike! We started from the Cooke City side and seriously appreciated the downhill to East Rosebud. Spent a few extra days and took our time. 4 days, 3 nights. Tossed the tent down at Ozul, Lake at the Falls and Elk Lake. Ozul was amazing, lots of places to camp on the west die of the trail. The hike up past Emil Lake and Fossil Lake was incredible. Lake at the Falls was a fluke. We weren't planning on staying there, but it's where we ran out of steam. Hard to find a place near the lake, but still amazing. The hike from Lake at the Falls to Elk Lake is great too. Keep your eyes open for raspberries!

Pay attention to the weather, got caught in a few thunderstorms the first day. Be prepared...the skeeters were big enough to carry you off. Lots of bug spray!

We loved this hike!! The first lake is further than the signage. 2.96 was what our gps said. The second lake was about 1 1/4 miles further but well worth the effort. It was pristine and so pretty. Definitely will do this again. Coming down was hard on the knees but doable.

Really lovely hike--pretty views and the rivers/creeks, waterfall and wild raspberries kept it interesting for my kids. The kids did great though my 6 year old slipped a few times coming down (it's a pretty rocky trail). I think actual hiking boots would be better. Didn't have time to make it to the second lake. Hopefully next time.

5 days ago

Spent two nights near the top of the lake back in late May. Runoff was killer and we had to go off trail several times because the trail was underneath the water. several fallen trees over the trail. great views, would be better later in the season with trail maintenance and runoff down

7 days ago

We spent 3 days on this trip, which was a great choice for backpacking newbies! To wrap it up succinctly:
Day 1: short, easy, a good way to start off (West fork trailhead to Quinnebaugh Meadows)
Day 2: challenging
Day 3: long (from September Morn to the Lake Fork trailhead)

It's a beautiful trip. I hope to do it again someday!

lovely walk. could be a great 5 mile look for running. took my mother that is not big into hiking yet and she loved it. there is a short cut to make it a e mile loop, we opted for that just so she didn't get too tired in the end. Very Leisurely and enjoyable.

7 days ago

fly fishing
9 days ago

not too bad for a novice hiker! the fish in Lost lake were extremely tight lipped...all I wanted was one grayling... although I didn't hike it at a very good time for fishing! Make sure to stop at Broadwater for brookies.

Great easy laid out trail- lots of traffic. The lake has many beautiful Lilly pads on it.

Simply outstanding. Waterfalls, mountains, lakes and fishing. Who could ask for more. An iconic hike that should be on your bucket list!