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20 hours ago

Great day hike. Pleasant trail with some beautiful views. Went all the way to the Meadows and back.

Good views with a Good trail for beginners. We will go again

Hiked the trail once a couple years ago and going back in a couple weeks for round 2. One of the most beautiful places I’ve been.

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Beautiful hike!

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Unfortunately we headed down river at the start of this trail instead of upriver & so cannot do a relevant review. However we did trek 14k out & back in total & it was a very picturesque trek. We had the river rapids for company the whole way & stopped half way for a picnic lunch on a rock with lovely vista. No sign of any bears although we did have beat spray at the ready.

Great hike!! did not make it to the lake because of the snowcover.

10 days ago

A wonderful easy hike for a day trip! Bring a hammock and hike straight up to the top past where the trail ends and there is a lot of awesome spots! One of my weekend favorites.

The lake itself is just a short walk away from the campground and has a great fire pit. I wasn’t able to do the whole loop due to time constraints but the views and wildflowers were wonderful! I hope to head back later in the summer and do the whole trail.

10 days ago

It is an ok hike with alright views. Too crowded. The hike was a bit of a challenge but nothing way too hard. Good for families!

So incredibly beautiful. Definitely worthy of repeating

13 days ago

Great starter hike for our lazy pups. Beautiful wildflowers at the trailhead of loop one.

I hiked the Beaten Path last July. I am not the most physically fit person who hikes daily, but with determination and endurance anyone can start and finish a 28 mile hike. At one point after starting from the Chief Joesph trail head I started to feel tired, my body ached. I wanted to give up. I told myself,, I would make Russell lake my final destination and head back to parking the next morning. The following day I woke up and asked myself what was I thinking? to give up on something I had planned on doing for a year. I knew my journey was just about to begin with every will power in my body and relentless mind set, I knew my destiny was to finish the Beaten Path. From the highest breath taking views of Fossil lake, to sitting by the most quiet coves by twin lakes I had no regrets. I was asked by what I believed to be the Crow sprits near the end of my 2 1/2 day hike if I would ever return to hike this trail again? with East Rosebud lake behind me, I looked back at the unforgivable wilderness and replied w a Yes. One thing I learned about this experience last year was to always embrace ones Beauty, Culture and History. Oh and one other thing "They Don't call it the Beaten Path for Nothing" Embrace

14 days ago

Trail is great! A steep incline most of the way, but if you take it easy, you’ll have no problem getting to the top.

There’s a great little look out point before you make the final turn to head toward what it says is the end of the trail. A great place for a snack or some lunch or pictures.

But we learned what this trail says is the “end” is just in the middle of the trail. It keeps going on and on. We didn’t venture too far past that because we had some friends with us and a bit of a time crunch. So we went 2 miles out, and turned around to come back.

Not sure if the trail is part of a much longer one or what, but the “end” could really be that lookout point.

What a nice and easy trail to hike!

Gorgeous and willow creek is in full glorious swing

19 days ago

Road to trailhead closed at Pinecove camping area (about 5 miles from trailhead) met a fellow hiker said rumor was the road would open again Memorial weekend.

We parked at campground and walked up to West Rosebud Lake, since we had driven out.

Really great little hike for the kids and old dog. We will definitely hit this one again!

20 days ago

Awesome hike with great views up to the lake. The lake seemed kind of low at this point but there’s still plenty snow on the peaks.

We hiked this with our 8 and 4 year old. For the youngest it was a bit challenging and we turned around after a hour. Beautiful sights and cute bridges to cross.

Awesome hike, loved the scenery all the way through. The lake is hard to find a private area to sit around, we wandered for a bit to find an awesome rock accessible to have lunch on. Pretty easy for all skill types!

Fantastic Memorial Day hike. One of my favorite trails. We decided to turn back before we got to the upper lake due to the snow, but it was still fantastic. We went early morning and had the trail to ourselves on the way in and met a couple folks on the way out. We even did a bit of trail running.

24 days ago


First hike I’ve ever done and I loved it!!!

Beautiful hike, the views are incredible. A lot of people were just hiking up to the falls which was impressive going to the lake is worth it though. Of the 10 or so dogs on the trail only ours and one other was leashed. Even the ranger that checked our fishing licenses had an unleashed dog, just something to be aware of.

Great first hike of the year! Only made it to the lower lake due to too much snow. Would definitely like to do this hike again when the snow melts.

Family hike was great was no sweat would go again!1

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27 days ago

Beautiful trail, runs along the river the whole time! Even got to see a moose! As stated earlier, poor trail markers. First 4 Miles were clear of snow, last mile still had a lot of snow on it, which made finding the turn off to the lake impossible. The view from the bridge was awesome!

So far one of my favorites yet challenging incline right from the start. The views were worth it. We camped the night near the waterfall. Very beautiful. Lake was amazing. Ran into a momma and baby moose as well as a bear

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