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It was tough for a first hike of the season, but worth it. Continuing on to upper basin was beautiful.

The water levels are high this year, adding to the views. I continue to come back to this trail all through the year and it never fails to be breathtaking. The trail was busy today and more dogs than I've ever seen. Many new folks on the trail. It can be challenging to someone who's never done it before, but drink plenty of water, bring Tylenol, and don't be in a hurry. It's worth every step.

Hiked this today, but sadly didn't make it to the lakes because we couldn't cross the final stream due to water rushing over the log bridge. A group ahead of us did it by wading, we thought it was too dangerous, cold and impossible for my dog. Looking forward to trying again in late summer/early fall when the melt is over and water levels recede. A solid hike, pay attention to the new growth in the burnout area (first and last two miles of the hike).

Gorgeous trail in the spring/early summer. Hiked it in late June and there were two small creeks that crossed the path. My family (including two 12 year olds) have hiked it twice and plan on hiking it again.

Nice fun hike

6 days ago

Beautiful trail....great views. Steep'ish towards the end and a bit rocky on the switchbacks (just FYI.) Moderate level for sure though, highly recommend it.

7 days ago

Beautiful views the entire trail. Last half mile is steep but absolutely worth it!

Great trail for family to lower basin. Steady gain but nothing to difficult for little ones

For a shorter hike this is by far my favorite. The views are stunning and always the possibility to see wildlife. The road going out to Rosebud lake is precarious at times and slow cautious driving is recommended; my 2wd car did make it out there however. Highly recommend for a day hike!

The trail to lower basin lake was longer than it said, my phone app said it was 4 miles of hiking in. We were not prepared. We made it to the lake and it was just breathtaking. We were there a year ago. The hike starts off pretty simple with a beautiful view of the valley. There are lots of wild raspberries at the beginning of the trail, but it is also grizzly country so be noisy. There are old run down forest service cabins along the way. The lake had some great water lilies and it was just breathtaking. Words can't explain how beautiful it was.

Great hike, the scenery is breathtaking along the rapids as well as throughout the whole trail. If you can appreciate the simple things like wildflowers and butterflies.