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3 days ago

Awesome yet pretty steep most of the way. There's still lot of snow left just below the tree line making finding trail difficult. It's a good idea to download the route before you loose reception soon after you get off the 93. But it was really quiet and the views were beautiful. Enjoy!

3 days ago

Great hike to first waterfall. Took about an hour up. Hot in the sun, but very nice in the shade. Found places to let dogs get in water, but creek is still flowing fast. Some areas of the trail were muddy, but they were easy to get around.

Its a great hike, the trail gets a bit irritating at times but is easy to follow all the way to the lake. The last mile or so shoots straight up the canyon wall in a series of switch backs. i wouldnt recommend for amature hikers. The lake and views are well worth the hike. There were many waterfalls all around the lake. And like others have said, coming down is tricky, the trail is hard to follow and has many side trails.

Hardest hike I've done so far but it is the most amazing, rewarding trail I've ever done.

Worth it with the waterfalls and beautiful lake!

7 days ago

Great hike! Busted out the climb after work and spent the last night of spring at the lake. Well worth the workout! Nice campsites

on Bass Creek Trail

7 days ago

Nice moderate climb.

very easy, well maintained, gradual hike. about 2.4mi one way. Hike it in the rain, with my family on Sunday, 6yr and 9 yr old girls. it was absolutely worth it. Amazing views all the way up

Awesome hike. Trail is a bit difficult with rocks, roots and snags to navigate. Was well worth the sore body..