My first trip to the 406 was last January where I solo'd between the Beartooths and Yellowstone. It was nothing short of amazing and I can't wait to go back. I spent a few days here building shelters in the snow and walking backwards ALOT due to the wind.... this was always a dream trip of mine and back country hiking Montana for two weeks scratched several bucket list items off.

Amazing white water in spring. Trail follows along edge of river in rocky gorge, quite spectacular. Good fishing above and below the 4-5 mile long gorge. Moderate.

10 months ago

Very easy hike to the meadows, with the last stretch being all switch backs. Setting a good pace on that was key but overall it wasn’t very difficult! It is very beautiful back there and has lots of stuff once on top! Didn’t catch any fish but they are up there!

This is a lot more wilderness-centric hike than somewhere like Hyalite. The trail is muddy and looks to stay that way for most of the season as there is a lot of underbrush. The forest is well spaced and is prime habitat for lots of animals (yes, bears). If you don't like bushes brushing up against your legs, probably avoid this hike. All in all, really lovely place to wander through the forest and climb basically straight up to the ridge.

Very steep, but wonderful views. I ran out of time three miles in, but made it up the mountain. Would love to go again with more time!

Great hike, pretty much an uphill slog with lots of views. We only went in about 4.5 miles to a nice plateau area, had lunch and returned to the trail head

Sun Jul 22 2018

We love this area! We took the 4-wheeler to the top and hiked from there. We did veer from the trail to climb down to the lakes (which made the hike a bit tougher coming back up). There’s still snow in mid-July and lots of runoff coming down.

Mon Jul 09 2018

Absolutely gorgeous trail. The first 7 or so miles to Horseshoe Lake are a difficult, steady climb with lots of switchbacks and beautiful wildflowers. Its early July and still snow-covered near the top, but we were able to go over the top without too much post-holing. Horseshoe Lake to Rainbow Lakes was easy and flanked by streams, unnamed lakes, waterfalls, wildflowers, and pink snow. Camped at Rainbow Lake and then completed the loop around Lake Plateau back to Horseshoe to camp the second night. Easily hiked 7 miles out the next day in a couple hours as it was almost all downhill. Quite rocky until Horseshoe and then muddy and wet from Horseshoe through Lake Plateau. Several creek crossings and the water is high and fast! Our actual mileage was closer to 30 when all was said and done. Quintessential Montana hiking and camping—highly recommended!

This is my favorite trail but the incline is grueling. Takes me about 1:45 to get to the top. I just hiked it yesterday and I think I’m good for the rest of the summer.

Good training hike as it is steadily uphill after the first half mile across the lower meadows. Be prepared for snow to stop you until early summer and again in the early fall. Nice views as you climb the first few miles and can look down the canyon to the highway below.

Nice semi-steep trail with pleasant switchbacks. Still plenty of snow with tall drifts at the treeline in early May.

This is one of the better hikes I've been on. The views are stunning and well worth hiking the steep incline. Once you hit the plateau, you don't want to leave! Snowline was around 8k feet. (Side note: I wasn't able to record my entire hike; my phone battery went dead)

Great hike! I hiked in from the bottom and went to shelf lake. It's a rough road but I saw a Subaru up there so it's doable. That shaves off about 12 miles RT.

Amazing, expansive views

Hiked 5/22/17 snow still cover the trail.

Great Day ride.. trail can be rough at times... bring something with good suspension if you want to ride to the top..

Ticks were plentiful. Hiked until I hit snow.

Nice start snow makes it impassable at 8200 feet about 3.4 miles in from trail start this was April 20

It's not so steep that you're on your hands, but it's a constant incline once you hit the switchbacks about 1/4 way in. Super fun, minimal traffic, and terrific views. My dog loves this trail too!

It's a steep climb but it has great views!!

the view was not worth the climb

I went 5/8/2016. Snowed out at the top. Tried to forged the snow. It was up to my knees, so being on a solo hike I turned around. Be ready for the vertical! It's pretty intense especially in the second third! Video Review of Hike:

Beautiful hike. Path was rocky but manageable.

this was or first hike using this app. really wish we had printed off the map. we went off the description and got a bit lost. lol but found our way back to the trail. it is a stunning hike with trees rivers and a great incline.... so it's a little bit of a hike. I wouldn't take novice children on this hike. we hit snow so we will be going back to finish this hike later this spring or early summer!!!!

Mon Feb 22 2016

My son and I went up for a Saturday/Sunday overnight. We hiked around, caught some trout in Snowbank Lake, and stayed the night. Didn't see another living soul until Sunday afternoon. It was late September, so the nights were cold. The "road" is more like a wide trail and very rough, don't even try it without a full size truck or SUV.

This trail is not moderate. Gains a lot of elevation. Very scenic

Great Hike. But BEWARE the road up to the plateau is more then just rugged. Its terrible and kinda scary. Basically you are driving on boulders and rocks the whole way up. If you don't have a truck or an SUV do not even try. Took my pup and we spent a few hours up top roaming around. Its quite windy so we would take cover behind boulders every once in a while to take a drink of water and take in the beautiful scenery. Its pretty high and very fun. Less of a trail more of a expanse of area to explore.

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