Catch a glimpse of the Missouri River and enjoy natures sites and sounds just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the Kansas City metropolitan area at Weston Bend State Park. Located on the Missouri River, the once-thriving town of Weston can credit its early success to tobacco growing and trade. Today, tobacco production still plays a part in the areas economy. Five tobacco barns, one of which has been converted into a reservable enclosed shelter, remain in Weston Bend State Park to interpret the important role this industry played in the areas history. A scenic overlook, accessible to persons with disabilities, provides visitors with a view of the Missouri River, Fort Leavenworth and beyond. A hiking trail that meanders through the woods and along the edge of the bluff also provides great views of the river. Hikers and bicyclists will enjoy the peaceful setting of the three-mile paved loop trail that weaves through a hilly wooded area. Secluded picnic sites, a playground and an open shelter, which can be reserved, make it an ideal place for family gatherings. For visitors wishing to get away for more than a day, a campground featuring basic and electric campsites, modern restrooms, hot showers and laundry facilities are available. Spend a day away from everyday routines, taking in awesome views and enjoying the slow pace of nature at Weston Bend State Park.

Trail is well maintained, marked very clearly.
This is not the place to go for seclusion and the enjoyment of nature.
Very very busy place, lots of dogs and dog poop.
Very easy trail with moderate inclines in small grouped together sections.

Great for kids. Mile markers every 1/4 mile. Wide enough for traffic going both ways. The first mile has some serious hills if you are pushing a stroller. I brought my 1yo, 3yo, and 7yo and we made around the whole loop today. It also has some benches every so often. We will probably do it again when it greens up some. Right now very brown (as expected) but we did see a few birds.

Nice and moderate hike. An easy out and back. Just over six miles if you go end and back to end. It is a mix of gravel road and concrete bike trail. Very clean hike. The scenery over the river is nice. This trail leaves no risk of being lost. Great for dogs.

Great park. Maintained very well.

1 month ago

Nice local trail for me at one time.
Good place to get out of the city and into nature.

1 month ago

Not the most scenic, but a nice set of trails. There are some views off of the west ridge, where you can look over into Kansas. I got about 2.5 miles in a loop. Part of the trail enters the paved course. You can copy and paste the link below for details.


4 months ago

good 2.25 mile trail,they have revised it so it isn't straight out and back. took our 4 year old and she made it the whole way.

It was a fun trail. I wish is a little longer also.

4 months ago

We started at sunrise. Sight was beautiful. Overlook the river and trains. We also had three deer across our trail. We are going back soon. Well worth the 45 mins drives from my house. Wish it was a longer hike.

Very Cool, i rode this back in late August. It was great it rides like a roller coaster, if you gear it just right you'll use the downhill momentum to shoot ya up next hill. I stuck around and stayed the night in a tent in late August. I rode a couple mountain bike trails alone, and i had a encounter with hornets. I stop up top to view the river, wasn't long after i stop a hornet started hovering in my face, very hot and tired, I swatted at it wrong move couple more showed up, i took off on my bike at least a 1/4 mile down trail, stopped at next scenic overlook. I took helmet off, and here come the dang hornets again. I took off again and got the heck out of there. when I got back to truck kept feeling like something was starting to sting me, I got to looking at my shirt and found 3 stingers embedded in it, and they were almost penetrating my skin making it feel like I was getting stung. it's a great. place bring family. and enjoy one of Missouri state parks

Ok, i finally did it. from down by antique shops at fork at hwy 92.
I used my Trek 7.3 stock with the road n tires. I will use my Trek 820 next time, it has twice the tire on it. Thus is a very cool trail for being mostly gravel, and it was a little deeper for my liking on that Trek fx 7.3.
our felt like I was going down a couple times.
it was washing me all over the trail. nice scenary. starting to get into some nice fall colors. This isn't the trail you would wanna put a trailer, child seat on with ya. I would take a pretty strong rider to get through it. Still I liked it alot.