Been 15yrs since last here and that was on a MTB. Still as rugged as I remembered. Good stuff though.

Easy to get to, challenging but not too hard, scenic, good elevation changes, well marked.

Very muddy today but a good hike.

The first three miles are uphill and rocky, the next 3 or 3 1/2 miles are flat river valley. Not bad at all when one is fresh, but that last three miles on the way back are pretty rugged if one is not expecting it.

Very steep at the entrance by Lone Elk Park and the exit off Lewis Rd. In between it's beautiful and winding with lots of views of the river. Some areas are technical, especially on a mountain bike.

This is my absolute favorite trail in the St. Louis Area. The elevation gain is sufficient for hikers who like a challenge. The environment changes from rocky flint hilltops to low grassy prairie in the Meramec floodplain then down further to the river basin itself. The eastern section of the loop is the Flint Quarry Trail. Along this trail there are small bowls and trenches dug out all along the trail and surrounding area, these are the remnants of prehistoric quarries cut by indigenous people. The flint was used for tools by those people and is the highest concentration of prehistoric mines in North America.

For more history of the area check out this webpage below the author provides a vary detailed timeline of Lone Elk, Times Beach, Tyson Valley, West Tyson and Crescent Hills.,26,&27combined.htm

Very rocky. I have no idea how people bike this trail! lol

Love this hilly trail! You feel like you’re deep in nature the only downfall is that the highway is pretty close and it is noisy.

Nice hike with some great hills!

Great trail in the fall, the colors were spectacular

hilly and rocky, narrow path but really nice.

A nice hike that provides a few easy elevation changes and some nicew terrain. Had no problem following the trail, though they did add one switchback since this map was made. Saw a lot of mountain bikers who were all very friendly and considerate. No horses.

Best done in fall

we started this trail and the mosquitoes were awful!

loved it! Moderate but good challenge if you keep a brisk pace.

THIS is what I look for in a great 'hiking' trail! Lots of elevation changes, several different terrain types (rock, dirt and gravel). Nice wooded views and mostly shaded. The only thing I believe could've been better was the trail markings; a few times I had to get my phone out to see if we were still on the trail (or which direction to go at a fork).

trail running
6 months ago

went back and ran this today. great trail offering many variation of surfaces and mild hills.

This is the first hike I would say I really enjoyed the view. Water, and beautiful trees in the distance.

trail running
7 months ago

Great trail...good mix of loose and packed rocks, gravel, roots, and limestone boulders; mostly shaded; some single track areas and a few decent hills. Would definitely run this next time. Only issue I had was nearby construction noise (the "beep beep" of equipment in reverse.)

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