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In you are wanting a trail that is pretty lengthy but has good scenery and isnt hard on your dogs paws I would highly reccomend it. Especially if there has been a decent amount of rain pretty recently when you go because there are some pretty creeks that you run in to!

8 days ago

good trail, enjoyed very much but I walked the legs off my lab and wife and I am old (lol). it is not a dog-friendly trail, the dog must be on a leash.give it a try.

Beautiful trail. Lots of variety in the terrain. Nice overlooks of the Missouri River.

Really muddy when we went but a lot of ups and downs, twists and turns to it. I’ll be going back a lot this summer.

Great trail, with good views of the Missouri River. It does seem to a fairly heavily used trail though.

Great hiking trails through hills and valleys, lowlands, and bluffs overlooking MO River. I have gone off trail into farmer’s field and hiked the woods between other fields to find more solitude and see more wildlife such as deer and a coyote.

great hike with some awesome views of the river as well and the cliffs. Clark trail is a little over 5 miles

Excellent hike - a bit muddy in spots but well worth it - the river over looks were great

Love the Lewis and Clark trails. Understand, there are two. The Lewis Trail is 5 miles and the Clark trail is 8 miles. I have been running the Lewis trail over winter and have run it both CW and CCW; and I tell you that CCW is much easier than CW. On the CCW direction, you basically have two long, steep climbs that will kick your butt. There are several long gradual descents between them. Running the CW direction you have those multiple long, descents, which are now climbs. CW is easily 60/40 uphill; if not 70/30. But don’t let it scare you, either direction is awesome and will give you a great workout; CW just a little more so.

What a great hike, lots of great river views from the outcroppings on the bluffs. Will definitely do it again!

Favorite trail with lots of big hill climbing and great views of the Missouri River. Crowded on weekends but if you go early you can enjoy some solitude.


Lewis Trail is 8.3 miles. Clark Trail is 5.3 miles. Both have great river views and some good hills. Always a great hike!

Great trail! Challenging, great views. The trail is marked well. Looking forward to hiking again this spring!!

Lewis has a lot less traffic on it than Clark. Very few icy spots. Trail was in good condition and easy to follow. There is one spot where a sign would be helpful - there is a cut to the Katy Trail that is easy to mistake for the trail. Distance is 8.2 miles.

nice long moderate trail with variegated terrain, flora + fauna. very peaceful + modestly trafficked with a few hikers + bikers at this time of year.

good diverse trail with varied elevation. features fine dust + rocky pathways.

The description is definitely wrong - this trail is no where near Cottleville, but is between the Weldon Spring Conservation Area and Defiance. This trail has a mix of hills, valleys, woodlands, fields, creeks, and the remnants of the lost town of Hamburg. Really beautiful in fall and winter.

A favorite that’s close by!

Trail markings could be better, but overall it was a nice easy hike.

This is a pretty nice hike and relatively easy, minus a few steep spots. My only complaint is that it's one of the most poorly marked trails I've ever seen. Screen shot a map!

my favorite trail around. a few beautiful overlooks which are easy to get to. a few steep climbs. i havent seen any snakes in the 3 years I have been going there. always well maintained. rocky trail so trail running shoes are beneficial. the 5 mile loop can be walked in about 2 hours. ran in 45 mins to 1 hour.

usually i will only see a couple people along the way. not busy at all.

6 stars

mountain biking
6 months ago

This is mountain biking. Great trail. Great variety.

It was a very nice trail with great little stops and side adventures. The look out over the water is my favorite. Only thing I didn't like was the trash. No snake sightings, but we did run into a family of deer!

My favorite local trail. A tough series of switchbacks bring you up and down the river bluffs. However the All Trails mileage is wrong, Lewis is 8.2 miles, and the elevation gain is closer to 1,600ft.

Great trail. All Trails says no dogs allowed, but the sign in the parking lot says dogs must be on leash. I brought my dog and saw several others along the way.
I didn't see any snakes like some other reviewers.
I arrived about 8:15 a.m., and the parking lot was almost full by that time.
I did the full Lewis loop which I enjoyed. You could take the Clark cutoff and shorten the hike by 2-3 miles and still get the same great views of the Missouri River.

Have been hiking this trail weekly for years, my favorite in the area. TRAIL RUNNERS FYI: I've been seeing copperheads just posted up directly on trail lately so be cautious.

Nice hike, but GPS doesn't work and didn't record most of my trip.

Good workout if you take the 8 mile Lewis trail. Great views if the river and lots of elevation. If the streams and rivers had not been dry I would have rated it 5

There were a few intersections that are not marked too well. Glad I had all trails to keep me on track!

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