Nice hike, but GPS doesn't work and didn't record most of my trip.

Good workout if you take the 8 mile Lewis trail. Great views if the river and lots of elevation. If the streams and rivers had not been dry I would have rated it 5

There were a few intersections that are not marked too well. Glad I had all trails to keep me on track!

mountain biking
14 days ago

had a great time riding the short loop, trail isn't located by Cottelville Missouri though might want to update that.

Beautiful empty trail with a great view of the Missouri River. Took the Clark Trail cutoff, which made this 5.3 miles. According to the sign, the entire Lewis Trail Loop is 8.3 miles.

Great trail. Took two hours twenty minutes
Clark trail 5,3 miles

Great trail with lots of variety and some good views. Actual distance is 5.3 miles.

A beautiful trail through Midwest wilderness that leads to a picturesque view of the Missouri River. Fun for the family to explore natures beauty.

This is a nice trail, with excellent bluffs overlook, plenty of distance to walk or run, well maintained; yet hilly, rocky, and rugged enough to give the user a sense of wilderness. The downsides are parking can be tricky, it fills up fast, and it does get heavy use; however it is long enough that you don't see a ton of people. The trails are clearly marked, except for one section that forked and takes you off to the Katie trail. Carry a map or use AllTrails.