Really great well marked trails. Views of the Missouri River were spectacular! I am in my 50s and a little overweight and still managed this trail easily. A good mixture of terrain. It is 8.3 miles btw.

Not readily marked

We did the Clark Trail at 5.3 miles. While there were two huge hills that were challenging, they were spaced out and gave the hike extra grit.

The trail was very well marked and the views were pretty. A lot of good look out points. There were pretty many hills so it was a good workout-nothing too hard though. My only complaint is there was a ton of mud and it hasn't rained recently so I would not do this trail if it has rained recently

This trail has just the right combination of moderate difficulty and scenic appeal. There's also a shorter loop using a portion of the Lewis trail that is about 3.3 miles.

Easy and awesome!