One of the best hikes close to St. Louis. Lots of river bluff views (would be amazing in the fall), good elevation gain, pretty stone creek beds. Did the Lewis loop. Well marked, with the exception of a couple confusing intersections. Seemed like 8+ miles. Good workout.
Negatives- Very busy trail. If you like people this is your jam...especially the first 2 miles.
I didn't see any trash cans or restrooms at the trailhead.... So the first 1/2 mile was full of litter and pee. Come on man... This is an extremely popular trail, install some trash cans at the parking lot and a porta-potty.

great hike,,, enjoyed it so much,,, get back to car and someone broke in and stole purse,,, they did it to at least 2 other lots.. DON'T BRING ANYTHING..
apparently this happens all the time here and no one has posted anything about it..

12 days ago

Many mountain bikes, just be prepared

We did the Lewis Trail today (a Saturday). Perfect weather and no need for bug spray today. Thanks to these reviews, we arrived early (just after sunrise) and are glad we did. By the time we completed the trail, the parking area was double- and triple-parked with cars waiting to find a spot. We agree with others who say the Lewis and Clark Trails are two of the most beautiful in the area. We will definitely be back.

Lewis trail is the better of the 2 here. Clark can get overgrown & seemed less trafficked. Nice elevation changes & mostly easy trail.

On weekends heavily trafficked but if you are looking for a longer walk with beautiful views of the Missouri River then this is the trail. The Lewis trail is 8 miles and the Clark trail is 5 miles. Needs better markings though.

18 days ago