The feature attraction at Wallace State Park is peace and quiet! Located amid the rolling farmland of northwest Missouri, and less than an hour from Kansas City, this 501-acre, wooded park offers recreation and relaxation. For recreation, visitors can fish or swim in the park's six-acre lake or exercise by hiking one of the park's four scenic trails. Benches along the trails allow visitors to sit and absorb the sights, sounds and slow pace of nature. Scattered picnic sites provide a peaceful place to enjoy lunch. For larger groups, an open picnic shelter that overlooks the lake and an enclosed shelter with a range, refrigerator and hot water are available for reservation. For relaxation, visitors can sleep under the stars in one of the park's family-oriented campgrounds. Campground amenities include modern restrooms, hot showers, a trailer dump station and playground. Trice-Dedman Memorial Woods, administered by the Department of Natural Resources and owned by The Nature Conservancy, is located 20 miles southwest of the park and features a prime example of northwest Missouri's hardwood forests. For peace and quiet and a break from the fast pace of everyday life, escape to Wallace State Park.

Deer Run was an excellent walk through the woods. No spectacular vistas, but the trail is clear, well maintained, and well marked. Only saw one other person while hiking, as well.

Fun day hike and cute lake and playground area for the kids. We saw deer and only a few folks on the trails.

The hike was really beautiful, Wallace State Park is well maintained and the trails are clearly marked, give a very good walk outside, and are challenging without being strenuous. The Deer Run with Deer Creek loop took me about an hour, the dogs loved the walk too. The looks together are about 3.15-3.25 miles depending on where you start. We'll be doing this one again.

Very quick and easy to hike. Up hill first, then it's a quick walk. Three miles is posted, got done hit the other trails and walked around the basic sites. Trails are blazed easy to see. Would be great for kids.

This is a great place to get any day hike in from short trails to slightly longer ones. You can swim afterwards too!

I hiked the red and blue trails to shake down a new day pack. I had never been on those trails. It was beautiful and not difficult. Perfect for looking at nature or working on configuring your pack! Loved it and it's 10 minutes from my house!

1 year ago

I hiked Deer Run Loop Trail (blazed in red) and Rocky Ford Trail (blazed in yellow), then half of Old Quarry Trail (blazed in green). Beautiful setting in the heavy woods; trail heads for Deer Run and Old Quarry were adjacent to a small, pretty lake with geese.
Deer Run trail: I liked the variety of having a bit of climbing (not much) and then steady descent down. on the Deer Run trail. Wide, mostly dry creek beds were fun to explore. Trail was well marked most of the way, but it got a little confusing when Deer Run hitched onto the Rocky Ford Trail; I had to do a bit of scouting and backtracking to get where I wanted to go.
Rocky Ford trail: delightful! Much of it runs along a creek, and one section has a large rocky ledge to walk out on and view the creek up close. Only a little bit of climbing coming out of the trail. I ended up at the trail head, which is adjacent to the large picnic area.
Was running out of time, so I did just a bit of the Old Quarry trail. Interesting connecting section from the edge of the lake, then it climbed just a bit. I didn't think it was marked as well as the other 2 trails, and it was not quite as scenic as the other two. I'd like to return and do the other two long trails.
Definitely worth a visit!

Good place to camp, fish, find trails, streams, has a lake, you can swim, sled in the winter... Pretty much most outdoor activities are here! Nice place to go and just a little secluded. The camping is NOT secluded though!

For visitors wishing to take in the beauty and solitude of the natural environment, trails wind through the park. Rocky Ford Trail follows a gentle downhill slope to Deer Creek. Old Quarry Trail takes visitors past an old quarry and through a small stand of Scotch and short-leaf pine. Skunk Hollow Trail is a shady path that follows an intermittent stream. For a longer walk, visitors can follow Deer Run Trail, which offers length options up to three and one-half miles through a variety of natural settings. Benches along all the trails not only provide a resting spot for hikers, but also an opportunity to get a closer look at the plants and animals that go unnoticed when one strides through the woods. Overall, nothing spectacular, but, still a pleasent setting.