Love it! I like hiking up next to the bluffs! Great for pictures! Great for working out!

Nice trail great potential but went too early in the season, beautiful weather but little to no greenery out yet. "march 23rd"

The trails are meant more for mountain bikers, so you may have to yield the way to a few you might encounter. Wear good hiking shoes or boots because the trails are rugged and rocky in most places. This is a great escape from the city that still keeps you in the city. I find the Rancho D-Lux trail to be great for hiking.

3 months ago

took a trip to lakeside nature center for my son's boy scouts last year. after learning about the animals and seeing the Eagles and such we went outside and a few of us hiked this trail. very fun, kids loved it. cool rock formations.

4 months ago

Lovely easy-to-moderate 2-mile (if you take all the various paths) trail. My small dog absolutely loved it. Nice rock formations, views, pretty forest and flowers, some wildlife. Hidden gem with early-out paths, several benches and a currently dried out creek bed. A little bit of trash here and there, but overall very pretty. Surface is mostly natural but occasionally gravel. Will definitely return.

Great for hiking with pets and getting a time away! Long trail with many beautiful rocks and out looks.