Nice scenic trail to hop on for a quick relaxing hike without going far from town.

The trail itself was nice, well maintained and semi marked (a few of the side paths don't tell you where to go so you kinda take best judgement) overall it was a nice trail and the staff at the information center where a great help, I told them about a owl I saw and they tried to help me track down the one it was! I would do this trail again, but it was very crowded that is the only downside also on the "long trail" there are two steep up hill parts that may be harder on some people.

Beautiful trails, easy to follow, great for beginners.

This is a free trail that is fun and great for families.

7 months ago

Nicely kept trails with a variety of beautiful scenery, great walkways, and neat bridges that have great views of the water. There are numerous trails with varying degrees of distance and difficulty. The only reason I didn't rate this a 5 is because of the traffic noise from the nearby highway; however, after a few minutes into the hike it seems to lessen. I highly recommend it. I also recommend going during the week day if you want to avoid crowds. I went on a Monday and it wasn't crowded at all.

It was so awesome! I go to Missouri State Uni, it wasn't a far distance away. Tons of trails, gorgeous scenery! 10/10 would recommend!