6 months ago

A fine, paved trail through beautiful woods and along rock faces. Lots of locals use it for biking, jogging, and dogs, and you'll see families of all ages out there in the evenings. The paved trail follows a creek, which follows a railroad, which is right on the edge of Hannibal, so you're never far from the sound of vehicles, and unfortunately there is some degree of debris at either end of the trail.

The loop marked by Shannon Street on the map is actually a second walking path, no fear of motorized vehicles. If you take that route, you will pass by grand limestone caves, the very ones which inspired the cave scenes in Mark Twain's "Tom Sawyer"! These caves all have special gates to keep people out but let the native bats come and go freely.

I went out on May 9th about 1 hour before sunset in hopes of seeing bats. But I was informed the big swarms are only in the Fall. So I didn't see any groups emerging from the caves, but I did spy a few flitting around the treetops.