Trailer is marked very well and was a great height

Pretty scenery and the trail is easy to follow. Good parking.

Would actually call this a moderate trail. Easy in some sections more challenging in others . Great trail !!! Saw about 12 others and 2 dogs on trail today!!

Beautiful trail, upkeep is very good. Rock features are outstanding along the route. Easy to get to and great nature feel even though it's right off a busy highway in the middle of Branson. You'd never know it while on the trail.

Really enjoyed this trail! I recently got into hiking & it has became a new lifestyle that I’m loving.

Did this trail today and loved it. One of my favorites in the Branson area so far. Some ups and downs little water in the fall- being a native to Branson, I’m sure that in the spring , the water is plentiful. Being so close to tourism still heard some noise but there was a section of the 3.5 that all I heard was nature. True that it’s a moderate trail and has 14 numbered markers telling about the old homestead along the trail. Be sure to check the registry box at the trailhead for your Homestead guide. Wish there were camping on this trail!!

Lovely walk in the woods. Just what we were looking for

6 months ago

Nice trail and definitely can tell fall is on the way. I did Homestead trail and the Glad's trial joined together by Shane's shortcut and the stream side trail. This was 5.6 miles and a nice hike.

Enjoyable walk on a rugged/rocky trail that provided nice views.

Nice hike close to Branson. The terrain was rocky for the most part. The sounds of nature was partially interfered by the sounds of cars on the nearby highway. The landscape had a mix of the expected Ozark country interrupted by the sites of buildings from Branson. Fortunately, there are periods where you feel you left the city and made it into the country side.

6 months ago

trail running
6 months ago

Trail was awesome! Definitely a moderate trail. Great views. Next time I run I'll go to right for a different perspective. And I will run it again!

I hiked in from Treasure Island Resort Trailhead, so I only hiked the Homestead Trail (orange).
It was an awesome workout, but this trail is not easy. It has a lot of roots, rocks, inclines, and declines.
One of my favorite trails.

I did hike all the sections (4), the first section of the trail you can call easy, but for the most part, this trail has a lot of roots and rocks. Long inclines and declines.
Tree coverage, peaceful, a few people, but not too many.
I was challenged because I was expecting easy; it's more moderate to hard, so it took longer than I expected.
Trails are well marked.

Link to download map:

Easy beautiful wide path . Homesteads , wells , creeks and crevices , right outside of town , one of my favorite trails to run !

a beautiful clean trail. gorgeous view!

Great hike! Very scenic views.

Nice mellow hike, good for kids.
You get to walk on some cool rock formations.

Nov 10 saw no water but enjoyed a nice walk. Considerable amount of uneven footing. Several steps up and down. Very rocky

Easy may be a little misleading as a descriptor for this trail. You will definitely want to wear good close toe shoes and an optional hiking stick will be useful in areas where the trail has a rugged descent. I'm glad I hiked the trail because the overlooks offer fantastic views.

Great trail to do on the fly with kids. Connected to other trails that offer more of a challenge.

Flowers are blooming

Nice along the trail are staring to bloom.

easy quick trail

I enjoy "billy goat" running on this trail. Very sunny & rocky in places, but beautiful scenery.

We did the smaller Glade trail which is a 1.7 mile loop. A very good trail. There wasn't too much wildlife or plant life to look at, so I would recommend doing it late spring or summer. Terrain is pretty easy and the trail offers a couple of overlook points into the valley. Overall a nice hour hike.

Had a lot of fun. wore the kids out n very beautiful scenery.

This was a very nice short trail. Mostly you are traveling a wet weather creek bed most of the trail, so there are exposed roots and lots of amazing rock, but watch your footing. Beautiful views. Close to inspiration tower so it is easy to locate. The trail was fairly easy, but it did get my heart rate up on the way back up.

Enjoyed this series of trails! It's got it all!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Enjoyed the Glade Trail at the Henning Conversation area today. We added the Streamside Trail loop on the hike for a total 1.5 mile hike. The trail starts in the parking lot of the Henning Conversation parking lot and begins in/through a shelter. Parts of the trail is shaded and parts are in the open similar to a hillside field. By adding the Streamside Trail loop takes you to the bottom of the hill where there is a tranquil stream flowing along the path. There is a well placed bench next to the stream which makes for a good half way resting point. Also in the Streamside Trail loop is the option/entrance to Shane's Shortcut which then takes you to the Homesteader's Trail which is an additional 3.4 mile loop. All in all, the Glade Trail/Streamside Trail loop makes for nice, shorter hike to do inside one hour.

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