1 month ago

No option for caving.
Very cool cave. Our tour guide was great and very knowledgeable.

Awesome view of the spring.
Well worth the short hike.

4 months ago

Hiked this on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Several cars at trailhead and saw others on trail. Lots of drunk, rowdy people at the cave spring so we didn't stay long there. Saw one copperhead sunning itself on the trial, but uneventful otherwise. Not very scenic, but a decent workout as we kept the pace a little under 20" miles and we finished a little under two hours. Almost entirely wooded/shaded. Gravely terrain made me glad I wore my Keen boots.

5 months ago

This trail was one of my favorites in MO! The cave was wonderful and trail was clean and picked up. Such a variety of nature if you do the entire loop! Moderate describes the difficulty perfect.

5 months ago

Pretty cool hike. Watch out for the Stinging Nettle once you get down close to the river.

The spring is pretty! The cave tour is the best part though!

The spring is totally worth it.

Completed this hike today. The cave is awesome. Would be a great place to hike in and camp down by the cave.

Great hike and layout. The switchbacks are perfect making an easy hike with good elevation change. True Ozarks trail.

Gorgeous spring, great campgrounds. Do in the summer and take the cave tour.

The trail is very well laid out. The descent to the cave on the river and back out is very easy because of the switchbacks. Take the time and do the loop,not just out and back. You will be rewarded with a pleasant walk. I discovered the biggest redbud tree I ever saw. It had to be 5' accross.

4 years ago

My friends and I visited this spring over the weekend and it was incredible! You can feel the chill in the air emanating from the water. I highly recommend this spot if you're also floating down the river because both can be done easily in one day. Enjoy!

5 years ago

Round Spring State Park Campground has full amenities expected at a state park. Fee camping from tent to RV. The location itself has a cave and large spring as special features. The park is a great staging area while you canoe and hike the area.