Experience the wildness and solitude of the Missouri park systems largest undeveloped area in the Roger Pryor Pioneer Backcountry. Located in a remote area of the Ozarks, the backcountry is a 61,000-acre tract unit that is a portion of the Pioneer Forest, the states largest privately owned forest. Hikers and backpackers can experience this solitude on 27 miles of trail. These include the 13-mile Blair Creek Section of the Ozark Trail, the 12-mile Brushy Creek Trail, and a two-mile Laxton Hollow Trail, which connects to the Ozark Trail. Each of these trails can be accessed from the Himont Trailhead, which provides parking and information. The area includes nearly 15 miles of frontage on the Current River, considered by many to be the finest float stream in Missouri. Bisecting much of the backcountry are portions of three tributary watersheds, the Big Creek, Brushy Creek and Blair Creek. Two designated natural areas are located within its borders. The Current River Natural Area contains impressive 400-year-old trees. The Pioneer Natural Area is adjacent to the Current River and contains old-growth red cedar and hardwood trees. Pioneer Forest is owned by the L-A-D Foundation. The Roger Pryor Pioneer Backcountry is managed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. The backcountry is named in honor of Roger Pryor, a leader and major supporter of wilderness protection in Missouri. Additional trails and a trailhead are planned for the future. Special rules apply.