Even in January the trail is beautiful.

This is a hidden gem and well worth the trip!

Cool rock formations

great hike. really cool rock formations and caves to explore. my only downfall was the crowd. it was pretty congested. parking lot was full plus some. I will do again but maybe when it's not such a nice day so not as many people will be there.

I love this trail. Best kept secret outside of Saint Louis. It's like Elephant Rock meets Garden of the Gods (Illinios)

I had a great time. Kind of lost the path at one point but no big deal.

Great shirt hike and a beautiful area!

Great short hike. A couple decent views. Great rock formations. Couple of streams.

This hike features natural springs, spectacular rock formations, scenic overlooks, and remarkable foliage. Love the variety of ferns! The "Trail Through Time" has a prehistoric feel as you explore canyons, caves, and creeks and climb through sandstone arch structures. One of the more interesting trails in Missouri.

One of our favorite hikes. I agree with several commenters that in a few places the main trail is not always obvious due to branch trails and shortcut trails. In general you will know within 100ft if you have left the main trail.

Very nice trail. Took my wife and 5 kids on the trail. Kids all loved it!!

No falls running today. But very pretty trail.

Even though this is a looped trail there are several smaller trails that look very similar to the main trail, very easy to get off the trail.

Great trail,lots to see and explore.

trail was poorly marked. 4 families including ourselves were turned around searching for the trail for 30 min or more.

Really fun area to hike, but busy on weekends. Kids would love this place. Neat rock formations including arches. Pickle Springs is simple, but tranquil. On a day that wasn't busy, I could really relax here.

Lots of trees down covering the trail but there are beaten tracks around them.

My kids love doing the trail here. Lots of pretty things to see.

Definitely have to check out the double arches!

9 months ago

My family loves this trail. It is easy and beautiful! We love the overlooks and rock formations. I would highly recommend it.

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