I hiked this trail along with the full Whispering Pines loop. Well marked and easy to follow.

1 month ago

Beautiful rock formations and well kept trails... plus a lot of off shoot trails

love this hike also there is a cave here quite big I have marked on my trip for all to be able to find have fun be careful

2 months ago

We loved this hike—so much beauty packed into a short, easy hike! I agree that it’s fairly easy to get off the trail so best to download the map. There are some white paint markings on trees but apparently not enough. Another cool place in the area is Hickory Canyon. Both are beautiful!!

It’s definitely one of the most beautiful hikes we’ve taken in the area, and we loved the views. Really gorgeous! The only criticism we had was that there are no real trail markers except some sand on the paths, and some false trails that led us astray. Due to some minor physical limitations, we chose this hike because of the shorter distance and the moderate terrain, but 1.9 miles ended up being 3.3 miles with the unintentional detours, and one hour became two and a half. We encountered three other couples/families that were also unable to locate the trail in places and had gotten turned around. If I had not remembered I had the AllTrails app on my phone, we would have really been lost. Just a few signs to indicate the direction back to the parking area would be beneficial.

Now that we actually know the layout of the trail, we will definitely return.

Still to date my favorite hiking trail I've ever been on inside Missouri.

Magical hike!! Absolutely beautiful and for the adventurous hiker, so much fun! I saw many hikers sticking to the trail versus veering off just a bit to explore and they missed so much!! Take the time to explore the mini caves and rock formations. I wouldn’t recommend this for small children. Not too crowded. Beautiful streams, clear water, and almost like being in Neverland.

Very interesting rock formations. Just a couple of areas where it’s hard to tell where the trail goes. In those cases, the app is handy with a downloaded map because cell coverage is spotty.

Beautiful trail. not super kid friendly, kids need to be monitored as there are many bluffs, drop offs, and steep declines/inclines on rocky/rooty trails. watch for copperheads in summer and fall, afterall you are hiking in their backyard. very easy to go off trail. download trail map, spotty service in some areas.

Very pretty...super easy to get off the trail, though.

It was amazing. It was a little hard to follow the trail at some points.

I cannot express how much I LOVED this hike. Lots of different rock formations and elevations changes. It was rough and rugged yet nice and well maintained trails. Yes, parking was tight, but it was more than worth it. I did not find it too crowded on the trail at all even though parking was full plus some. This trail is worth it and you won’t be disappointed.

Wonderful hike.

Great trail. Easy to follow. Had a nice day here with my kids.

Even in January the trail is beautiful.

This is a hidden gem and well worth the trip!

Cool rock formations

great hike. really cool rock formations and caves to explore. my only downfall was the crowd. it was pretty congested. parking lot was full plus some. I will do again but maybe when it's not such a nice day so not as many people will be there.

I love this trail. Best kept secret outside of Saint Louis. It's like Elephant Rock meets Garden of the Gods (Illinios)

I had a great time. Kind of lost the path at one point but no big deal.

Great shirt hike and a beautiful area!

Great short hike. A couple decent views. Great rock formations. Couple of streams.

This hike features natural springs, spectacular rock formations, scenic overlooks, and remarkable foliage. Love the variety of ferns! The "Trail Through Time" has a prehistoric feel as you explore canyons, caves, and creeks and climb through sandstone arch structures. One of the more interesting trails in Missouri.

One of our favorite hikes. I agree with several commenters that in a few places the main trail is not always obvious due to branch trails and shortcut trails. In general you will know within 100ft if you have left the main trail.

Very nice trail. Took my wife and 5 kids on the trail. Kids all loved it!!

No falls running today. But very pretty trail.

Even though this is a looped trail there are several smaller trails that look very similar to the main trail, very easy to get off the trail.

Great trail,lots to see and explore.

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