13 days ago

If you go by the map on this app or use the directions you’ll wind up several miles down a dirt road at the driveway to a private residence. The best way to access the trail is via wading the river at the Pulltite campground or by floating the river.

I mapped the trail from the trailhead on the campground side, which is about midway through the campground. Park at the shower house and then walk on the paved road south about fifty yards to the trailhead, which is marked by a metal bar across the trail with a hiking sticker on it. That trail will take you to the river directly across from where the waters from the Pulltite spring meet the Current River. From there wade across the river (the deepest part at this crossing in August is about 4 1/2 feet deep).

On the other side there is sign pointing to the Pulltite spring and from there the trail is well defined and will lead you first to the cabin and then to the spring. There are some nice rock outcropping along the trail. The interior of the cabin is in rough shape but the structure is still holding up.