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Part of the trail was flooded yesterday but I go here every year and it’s usually on of the most perfect trails I’ve hiked. Not long but beautiful. One of my favorites in Missouri.

Nice narrow trail, cave was nice but not much of views. The road to get there is a narrow one car gravel road just a heads up.

25 days ago

well maintained trail, with slight incline. highly recommend going to cave spring, you have to cross a stream 4 times but if your good at rock hopping your feet should stay dry.

Good little trail. We took our 3-year-old and parked at Klepzig Mill, hiked in to Rocky Falls and back out the next day. There aren’t any absolutely spectacular views, but it’s not a bland hike either... plenty of places to stop and throw rocks in the water. It’s a great hike to take your kids and take your time.

Great trail! Did this trail with a friend a few days ago. Was his first real hike over a mile. It’s About 5 miles round trip, with a beautiful scenic river spot and the perfect place to have lunch or even camp down at the beach halfway through the hike. A really great overlook on the way back as well and the most beautiful blue water.

I wasn’t able to do the trail but the history and seeing this place was really neat.

1 month ago

Wonderful trail with multiple points of interest. The start of the trail is next to Devil's Well which contains the largest natural underground lake in the state - worth checking out before/after. The first part of the trail follows the ridge offering views of the surrounding hillside. When approaching Cave Spring, where the water from Devil's Well empties into the Current River, one notices the difference in landscape. On the bluffs above current river there is a nice overlook. The loop periodically utilizes service roads, which allows for a quicker pace. This portion of the trail follows a creek and has a few crossings which added to the enjoyment of this great trail! Highly recommend!

this is one of my favorites and have done it several times. you will cross through water several times but at klepiz the water is knee deep. My favorite hike.. as the scenery is diverse

Remember to cross the bridge to start the trail. You don’t have to wade through the river. There was moments I didn’t feel like I was in Missouri. Stunning views, waterways, whispering pine forests, and glades. Peck Ranch wasn’t as difficult to navigate as some have mentioned, but be prepare and know how to read a map.

Words and pictures fail to do it justice. Was fortunate to have the falls to myself. Wasn’t expecting much during winter, but due to the recent rains, the falls were spectacular. Definitely a must see if anywhere near the area.

4 months ago

This was a nice loop with a side trail to the cave. The devils well and the cave are both pretty neat. Not bad elevation gain/loss. We did it in 2.5 hours. Would definitely do again.

December 2019. From Rocky Falls to Stegall Mtn using the Ozark Trail is a nice easy trail to follow. Moderately Uphill at the end. About 50 yards north of the top is a faint, but visible road that heads towards the NW. This will take you across the saddle to the Tower. Again, easy to follow. This is where some bushwacking skills come in handy. After reading previous reviews, it was expected. Did not find a trail back to Rocky Falls. From the tower, I took a compass reading and followed it. (325). This took me over 2 balds, the second one had many Cairns on it. Interesting. Continue on the heading, work your way down the hill, and end up on top of the falls. Fun hike. would not do it if ticks and snakes were active.

a pictorial hike

6 months ago

Not a loop trail! Just FYI! We went in November and with the leaf fall, we could barely see the trail but it was cool! Only saw one other person out there so you felt alone with nature for sure. Took us about a hour each way.. and the cave was worth the hike!!! Amazing to say the least! I’ve added my pics but they don’t do it justice! Would like to visit by kayak! Guess we were lucky Bc the cave was dry and we could go in by foot and see eh opening of the spring!

Short easy walk from the parking lot to the Rocky Falls area. If you stay to the trail it goes to the beach area. But if you go right and up the hill you can find a foot path that will take you through a wonderland of lichen furry things that look like another world landed up there! It’s a little slippery so hold on but what a view!

Really well marked trail. Not much to look at once you get beyond the river. November might not be the best time of year to go. No bugs though....

Really another short trail worth taking. The spring is such a turquoise color. It’s a well traveled and easy to follow trail

NPS sponsored and guided hike. Fantastic day and beautiful scenery. We even came upon 1 of the 4 wild herds of horses in the area. Great trail - will become a favorite!

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Not much to see here but maybe just don't know where trail is. May visit again one day.

Great place to explore and see a beautiful natural waterfall and climb some rocks. Swimming area and picnic tables.

Easy trails. Beautiful spring.

Great trail! Right on the Ozark Trail. Cross the creek to find a campsite. We stayed there and then did the 6 miles as a day hike. Had a lot of fun!

The trail was well kept for the most part. I had some difficulty crossing the two creeks at the beginning. I walked up and down the creek looking for a better way but there wasn’t. Attempted to go from rock to rock but they were extremely slick and took a early morning October swim (haha) I was under the impression it was 12 miles (6 in and 6 out) but it came out to 7 miles all together. The shut ins are beautiful and I didn’t encounter anybody until later in the afternoon (I started at 9:30 a.m). I came across a herd of wild horses so that was neat! Will be coming back again. Especially when it’s warm because there are some nice secluded swimming holes along the trail

Absolutely stunning, we will be back!

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