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10 days ago

If you go by the map on this app or use the directions you’ll wind up several miles down a dirt road at the driveway to a private residence. The best way to access the trail is via wading the river at the Pulltite campground or by floating the river.

I mapped the trail from the trailhead on the campground side, which is about midway through the campground. Park at the shower house and then walk on the paved road south about fifty yards to the trailhead, which is marked by a metal bar across the trail with a hiking sticker on it. That trail will take you to the river directly across from where the waters from the Pulltite spring meet the Current River. From there wade across the river (the deepest part at this crossing in August is about 4 1/2 feet deep).

On the other side there is sign pointing to the Pulltite spring and from there the trail is well defined and will lead you first to the cabin and then to the spring. There are some nice rock outcropping along the trail. The interior of the cabin is in rough shape but the structure is still holding up.

Grew up on this stretch of the river. One of the most beautiful places. Lots of trails, fishing, hunting, and canoeing opportunities. Summer is very hectic with tourists. I've quit going on the weekends because of the # of people. Autumn is perfect...less people....amazing colors.

LOVE this site! whenever someone comes to visit this is a must see. Trail is very easy since it follows an old road along the river. You can hike a deer path on the hill behind the spring to an old chimney and to the old hospital built over a cave entrance. The cave is now barred to protect the bats.

Quick out and back walk to look at a waterfall that consists of rocks 1.5 billion years old. That’s old!

1 month ago

Some of the reviews and recordings are of the .3 mile trail that is closer to the spring. The 2.9 mile trail runs along the Current River from a parking area that I had to walk to because the road was closed.

This trail is mostly level but narrow in spots by the river. There is a washout of a couple of feet where the trail has fallen into the river but the trail is still being maintained and easily passable. When this trail connects up with the .3 mile trail it becomes much better defined.

The spring has a viewing deck at the base of the cliff and stairs up the side of the cliff to another viewing deck. The highlight was an Osprey flying down the river and a Summer Tanager calling in a Sycamore above the trail.

This is not a hiking trail but rather a trail ride path that spends a significant portion on dirt roads. The trailhead appears to be a private trail ride business located several miles down a hilly single lane dirt road.

I followed the trail map on this app to see where it would take me and, after turning off the main dirt road and wading a creek, it led me across the edge of a field to a gate with purple marking tape, which indicates no trespassing. I’m guessing those paying for trail rides can use the trail but otherwise you are limited to walking down a dirt road to the gate and back again.

It appears that the Indy Big Creek Trail and Gardside and Razorhollow Trail, which start at the same trailhead are both recorded trail rides and not hiking trails open to the public.

Great short trail, very easy. The spring is stunning. Hidden gem of MO!

great easy trail for kids

2 months ago

This is a flat, easy trail that has the Current River on one side and bluffs on the other for a good part of the trail. About half way down the trail, a large Sycamore tree has fallen and blocked the trail. It is possible to climb through branches and then over the tree trunk and continue on the trail to the spring.

On the other side of the spring is an old hospital that you can climb to by crossing the rocks to your right as you look at the spring. Once on the other side of the rock crossing, you will do some rock climbing and then walk on a ledge above the spring. Don't slip or you will have about a 15 foot drop into the spring. On the other side is the hospital, which was built at the turn of the last century.

Fun hike. Found a couple of morels along the trail. A black and white warbler and red-eyed vireo posed for us. The overlook at the top of the hill overlooking the mill and valley was beautiful.

3 months ago

The old mill is a highlight of this short hike. It sets next to a spring that averages 81 million gallons a day. The bridge over the creek has long since washed away so it’s an out and back trail now.

Nice area. Pretty fascinating when you look at it from
above. You park where it is. Not exactly a Wilderness Area, but a nice easy approach like this is nice at times and for some people.

Really beautiful spot. The road is difficult to drive so be careful. Has bathrooms at trail head. Trail flat and easy. Spring is pretty.

We hiked around but not on a specific trail. Beautiful area.

Short hike to a beautiful spot. Hospital ruins are cool. We climbed the cliff to see inside. When driving down the gravel road and it T's, go right and there is parking.

4 months ago

nice little trail with plenty to see

Very pretty area

Loved this!! I went from Rocky Falls to the mill and back. Didn’t see any horses but plenty of manure. Also elk droppings. Be sure to take a pic of the flyer before heading out. Several times around the open field areas I lost the trail. The paper gives you things to look for along the way. It was so pretty.

This is my favorite spot. So peaceful. If you are quiet and pay attention on this trail you might be able to see the rocky spring wild horse herd.But I ask you to please clean up after yourself. I have seen trash at Klepzig to many times

5 months ago

I have been here twice. I can not get enough of this beauty.

For as short as this trail is, it's packed with awesomeness. The area itself is amazing. I could sit and look at the spring all day. Great place for family pictures. So clean!

Simply put... beautiful place!

Did this with my sixth grade students in September. They loved the many swirls of the rhyolitic rock at Rocky Falls. Very peaceful and lots to discover. Great views too.

We didn't get far because you literally have to wade through the river to begin the trail. However, I did it . It was only knee deep and not slick - just be ready to take off your shoes and wade across. So, we spent the day climbing around the beautiful waterfall and up the mountain beside it. We were able to see quite the view just there! It was so worth it!

paddle sports
5 months ago

Great river. Lots of caves and springs to explore on the upper section above Alley Spring. Great swimming and fishing for the whole family.

Love this river! Can’t get enough

This is an amazing hike. The trail can be confusing in a few spots but with All Trail pro edition I had no problems. The scenery was beautiful. Great views, waterfalls, and spotted the wild horses and got some photos. Ate lunch at the old mill on top of a lovely waterfall. The litchen covered rocks and crystal clear waters of rocky creek brings life to the pine forest.

great river great scenery

9 months ago

Great little trail.

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