Great hike. Looking forward to returning.

Lovely place, mostly shaded. There is a lookout that extends from the trail at the highest point that’s worth a look, too. We’ll be back.

My go-to trail for trail running every year in preparation for the Castlewood 8-hour Adventure Race!

3 months ago

Beautiful trail. Gorgeous view when you get to top of bluff overlook of Meramac river valley. Well worth the hike.

A nice hike with some wooded dirt trail and some old dirt road trail. Includes an overlook You can add a walk around the pond which is nice but will probably be much nicer when they finish working on it and fill it back up again.

No one there on a rainy morning.

A favorite relatively easy hike. Surprised to see Buder lake drained! It's deeper than we realized. Hope it will be repaired and back to it's full glory soon!

Such a pretty hike. I haven’t done the whole thing. Just up to the top and back. Overlook is beautiful.

we were desperate for a challenge so we went clockwise. it was great. it really felt like a workout. then on the easy part we were rewarded with an unusual rock formation and a tiny frozen water fall.

Took the advice listed below and went counter clockwise-- definitely a better option! After the overlook the trail is easy & all downhill, but the climb is so worth it. I'd suggest wearing hiking boots if you have unstable ankles (difficult to see rocks & roots with all the leaf cover).

Love the lookout over the Meramec. Currently Buder Lake is drained for repairs. The trail is fairly easy.

Beautiful overlook!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Beautiful area - lots to see here - when you get to the fork in the trail at the beginning - go left - thus you will save the best part for last and the uphill climb is easier - make sure you take the trail to the overlook and the one around the lake - both are very pretty - would have given this 5 stars if it would have been longer - total length was only about 3.5 miles.

Great hike! Has a lot of up hill, but nothing crazy.

Geat trail with a respectable elevation change. Don't skip the overlook platform. It's worth a look.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Some steep slippery parts & weedy fields....bugspray is a must---but counterclockwise the stream, little waterfall, pond/lake with water lilies, scenic overlook--inspiring quote at top are worth it---if you do the loop it is 3 miles. Had to conquer this cause 1st time through I went clockwise but thought it was an in and out trail according to the map (new one is accurate, btw). When the lake showed up on my right I knew something was wrong.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The map is misleading. This is a 2.7 mile full loop that has two ponds and a Meramec river overlook. This and Chubb are my two favorite local trails. Until recently they had this location marked as Hilda J Young which is a separate conservation area nearby. Am hoping to record a new track there tonight so as to update this map for accuracy.

A lot of people are confusing this place with the conservation area nearby, Hilda Young. Glassberg is bigger and better! More views, more ponds and lakes, more wildlife! Some is gravel, some dirt, some paved. A must go to hike.


Our Alivia's horse "Lilli" is still missing. She spooked and bolted Friday afternoon from our home on John McKeever near Byrnesville Rd. in House Springs. We have received many prayers, concerns, and helpers in searching for her but have not seen her yet. There was a loose horse seen and returned to its owners Saturday in High Ridge. We are very happy for that family, but it was not our Lilli. Lilli is a beautiful bay (copper brown with dark brown mane and tail). She is likely going to be a little spooky after being out in rain and fireworks over the weekend. APPROACH WITH CAUTION AND CARE - Call 911 - Call 636-734-3296 - 636-797-5577 (Jeffco Animal Control).

Our current search area is Byrnesville Rd over to Hwy FF between Lynch Rd and Hwy W. Horse friends think she might have headed toward the Young Conservation Area. Our plea is for continued prayers, concerns, shares of this post, and any assistance and eyes looking in and around that area.

We have been in contact with police, equine organizations, and have posting on several FB pages, equine-related and personal. If you can share this post with FB friends we would greatly appreciate it.

WE ARE OFFERING A REWARD FOR HER SAFE RETURN. We are poised to be at her found or sighted location quickly.

If you see her please contact 636-734-3296 and you can also call 911 or Jefferson County Animal Control at 636-797-5577. If you have suggestions, sightings, searchers, all help is welcome and deeply appreciated by our 9 year old little Alivia, our family, and our scared, loose "Lilli" who is out there somewhere hoping to get back home to her barn.

Didn't even get that far out of the parking lot when my boyfriend, our dog, and I came up on a rattle snake on the side of the trail. Needless to say, I will not be back.

Friday, October 16, 2015

As a new hiker I found the trail head confusing. Not bad, just confusing. It was so clear and clean. I was expecting rugged from the start and it wasn't. Overall I found the hike very challenging (at least some of the hills), but relaxing. The concrete bridge was odd, not at all rustic, but functional. I would hike this area again.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Great trail! Hunting is permitted so wear orange during appropriate seasons. The only down side was we finished a great 6 mile hike to find my passenger window smashed in and the bag hiding my purse gone. So don't leave ANYTHING in your car and don't park close to the exit!!!

Well maintained trails. Hiked the big loop. Brought the dogs. A decent, challenging day hike. Trails take you through some nice woods. Will do again.

It was a muddy day out, and the back half of the trail we walked was slick. very busy maybe a little bit much for my taste. beautiful overlook and the lake was a nice resting point.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Maybe the woman who didn't get past the bridge shouldn't be so critical. My wife and I just did the big loop. It was a nice trail. Nobody on it but us so the dogs ran free. I thought it was great for an urban trail

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Also this is about 14 miles of various trails

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My favorite trail yet and perfect scenery during spring and fall

Thursday, January 09, 2014

It's a nice hike and they appear to be trying to improve the area for wildlife. My wife and I enjoyed the hike. I'm sure it's a nicer place in the spring or fall.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

My visit to Hilda Young Conservation area. was a big disappointment.
It has been several years since I had been there.
It looks like fanatic environmentalists have gotten a hold of it, and are ruining the place.
I did not get too far past the bridge I walked to from the entrance.
Why? I could not see over the heavily planted grass areas, that do not allow a view of the nicely rolling property and pond. And the "riparian" plantings were so heavy, I do not know how wildlife could run through it, much less a human, which environmentalists in this century, prefer do not exist.
Also, the new bridge looked like a concrete piece plopped there from some concrete dam or highway project...COLD looking and so utilitarian...very out-of-sorts, compared to the very appropriate vintage bridge that used to be there. I could hardly get to or find the creek you used to be able to cross to the right of the "trail", once past the bridge. Why? More overly thick planted vegetation!
The soil is being smothered, and will die!
Someone is listening too much to bosses who think they know what they are doing, or think they know what is good, which is really very bad.
I did not go any further, because it was just too hard to see what was ahead, I felt claustrophobic, and am a woman who was alone. I am so sad that such a beautiful place, which I used to visit frequently, is being ruined. End watershed control. It is dangerous, and is only meant to give control to those who do not care about anything other than more power.

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Saturday, September 07, 2013

awesome and great scenery

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