Trail is mostly grown over might be better in spring

Overgrown, not maintained and secluded. remains of campers or squatters found. couldn't even hike the whole trail had to turn around. did see deer though. lots of tracks.

Not only a great hike but such a nice opportunity to see so many different geographical features all in one place. We saw prairie, woods, rolling hills, streams, small ponds, and a few small bluffs. The foliage is unexpectedly beautiful as well.

One of the highest points in the Kansas City area. Very popular with Boy Scout Troops. Unique outcropping that allows for a chimney in rock wall for fun overnight camping. Lots of unique rock formations. once you get up the first climb its fun for kids to run around and explore. there really is a lot there for such a small area. My scout troop goes camping there once a year. it always keeps us going back.

Monday, September 01, 2014